Competitiveness: G20 Rejects Thailand’s “Hard On” for “Desire Sector” Boost

How about a Desire Sector for cute me!

Blog Note: We want to say thank you to Absolutely Bangkok Blog for bringing up this story and there are links relating to this story at Absolutely Bangkok. This blog wrote about this story mainly because Tammy is having a hard time getting laid with all the prostitutes around town.

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

What is the “Desire Sector” of the Thai economy?

Well it could be shopping, boozing and smoking, but namely this blog thinks it is nothing much except for  “prostitutes.”

There is a great many guys at this blog who loves Soi Cowboy GoGo Bars and all the totally naked girls dancing on stage.

Like really, I went with Terry, Stingray and Frank and they literally pick to sit on the stools in front of the stage with an up-ward view so they can really have their “Desire Sector Most Important View.”

So do not get me wrong, it was kind of cute seeing Terry, Frank and Stingray walking around with their various size hard-ons.

But really, give me a break-I was right there and they did not make a move on me-all glued on the  “Desire Sector” on stage. Poor me, have to see the three of them going to their condo with girls that probably boosted their “Desire Sector” to like rocking hard core.

So I am little pissed.

So I am going to get angry at Thailand instead.

So The Thai government went to the G20 meet and told the G20 that Thailand’s plan of boosting the “Desire Sector” could help fill the globe’s “Desire Sector” deficit.

Basically, Thailand went “Whoring” Thai and foreign prostitutes to the G20 meet.

G20, off-course said no-go in-front of everyone-but behind the scene they all flew to Thailand after all that hard work for some fun and games with Thailand’s “Desire Sector.”

Well guess who is behind it all. It is Chuvit, the former massage parlor king of Thailand off-course.

The Chuvit Foundation went funding a cutting edge economist PHd to study the Thai “Desire Sector” in detail and found that it could indeed fill the global deficit gap in the “Desire Sector.”

Well think about it.

A country with so many prostitutes it can serve not only the region, but the globe as well.

I have nothing against prostitutes, OK. They get laid and get money too. As for me, I don’t get laid enough and never have enough money too.

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