Justice: Thai King says “Judges Must Sacrifice even Life to Maintain Justice”

We like rock, but for the Thai king, we will also listen to jazz

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

A few years back, when Thailand was in bad shape politically, the Thai king told judges to help solve the problems of Thailand. Immediately, it launched an era of “Activism” with the Thai courts. That is acceptable, because even in the US, the Supreme Court, is highly active in setting the agenda for the US.

But the Thai king was very disappointed, as that “Activism” turned into a green-light for the “Songkhla Network” of senior judges to take over the entire Thai judiciary system. Unfortunately, the Songkhla network is tied into Prem, the privy council-that has been hell-bent on going after “Anything” Taksin.

In sum, those wise words from the Thai king, was twisted-and the Thai king was greatly saddened and disappointed. To which after launching that judge activism, the Thai king gradually pulled-back-as indicative in his many subsequent speeches given to judges in their sworn in.

“Thai judges must up-hold justice even if it means risking his life in doing so. To do anything less, is being a traitor to the interest of Thailand,” said the Thai king.

That speech given to the sworn in of the latest group of Thai judges, is the most “Strikingly Clear” message that the “Era of Judge Activism” in Thailand, should come to a stop in Thailand.

A great deal of damage had been done to Thailand because the Thai justice system is not only seen as having a “Double Standard” but in fact have demonstrated again and again to have such standard.

In the only and latest poll on the subject of Thai justice, most Thais said the Thai justice system is un-just, and we are not talking about the Red Shirt, Yellow Shirt or the Green Shirt here only.

Not too long ago, a Thai from the lower class got tired and fell to sleep, to which his pick-up truck ran into a group of people and killed many. He got about 10 years prison terms. And a few months ago, a person from the high society, got angry at his Mercedes and drove into a group of Thais killing many, he is serving no prison term at this moment.

In Thailand today, even someone who insulted the Thai king himself, who should be punished for those verbal offense for certain since the Thai king is also a human being with rights, have very un-justly been sent to prison for some 20 years. And now, her brother, had to petition the justice system, to have adequate medical treatment to treat that prisoned person.

This blog is not criticizing the Thai king-but we just want to point out, that the Thai king, has spoken about justice. It is time for Thai judges to do as the Thai king says. Whatever un-justice that had been done, such as in the prisoned person case, should be made “Right.”

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