Human Rights: National Journal thinks a “Debate is Needed” on America’s Role in Protecting Freedom of Expression

Thai Intel will never rock with creeps

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

God hep me please, is this the same National Journal that every American politician should read and study or is it turning into a nasty joke?

Because when on earth did a debate on freedom of expression was needed in America, the land of the free.

The case involved Google trashing China’s and then only after that did the Obama foreign policy under Hillary did the talk in Washington DC turned to freedom of expression.

Well, the latest is that Hillary wants American companies to take the lead in fighting for freedom of expression globally. Like now lets see, American firms in Thailand fighting for freedom of expression in Thailand?

Sound cute as usual for Hillary to be saying that, but in fact, even Hillary did not lift a finger to help Hmong refugees in Thailand. All for trade and security as usual as far as Hillary is concerned-so please cut the crap and go back to debating what does America stand for.

After that great discovery, that needs to be discovered by Hillary and also National Journal, give us a call-and we can go to Hard Rock Cafe together for some burgers and rock and roll.

But in the mean time, take your repressive music and play it for the Chinese government or for the Thai prime minister, because this blog is entirely not interested in partying with creeps.

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