ASEAN Defense: Thai Cambodian Flash Point & Anupong’s bumbling

Are the Siamese cats ready for war

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Thai military intelligent source told this blog that a re-deployment of Thai soldiers to the Thai Cambodian border, in preparation for a stare down, was called off by Anupong.

“The re-deployment stopped mid-way, as Anupong had to re-organize the key command units for political considerations,” said the source.

Yesterday, Thai and Cambodian soldiers exchanged fire near Khmer Relic that the World Court said belongs to Cambodia but Thailand claims the relics belongs to Thailand. Earlier, Cambodia said they would send in its military to secure the area. News in Thailand said 2 Cambodian soldiers were killed and a number were wounder, while no reliable independent casualty on the Thai side is available.

The exchange saw exchanges of some gun fire and grenade rocket launched.

While most analyst said Thailand would win a bloody war with Cambodia, if war erupts-but a few military analyst told this blog that the out-come may not be as certain as most believe. These contrasting analysts points to Cambodians battle hardened troops and equipment that comes “Very Close” to the Thai equipments-particularly in heavy artillery and tanks.

As Thai Intelligence News had reported earlier, the Thai army had been scooping up soldiers from other units throughout Thailand, to beef up the Thai army forces on the entire Eastern Front-that includes Cambodia and Laos.

However, as that re-deployment out of other area took place, under political pressure, Anupong also focused on screening-out any Red Shirt sympathizers in the Thai army-and put an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 soldiers careers on ice.

That moved complicated Anupong’s move to re-deploy soldiers to the Eastern Front, where Thai Intelligence News have been told on numerous occasions during the past few months that soldiers have seen their assignments canceled, “Abruptly with no warnings.”

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