Thaksin Focus: Thaksin “In the Money” with Saudi Arabia

Uncle Taksin, can I have just a million for my Siamese cats

By Pooky, this blog economics journalist

If you follow the flow of private equity money, through blog like Emerging Market Private Equity, the word Saudi Arabia have been coming up a great deal-and the point to keep in mind is that private equity is where the “Smart Money” is going.

In the latest private equity emerging market deal, is a Saudi Arabia US$500 million deal-and this follows a string of other major deals for Saudi Arabia businessmen to invest both internally and globally.

Well Taksin has had a life long track record of being where the money is hot. In Thailand, he was there when the telecoms industry exploded. Then in exile, he was right on it again when Premier League was hot property. Then he was again for smaller deals with cable TVs and gold and diamond mines.

Taksin says he has about US$200 million left available to him, left over from the US$2  billion empire that will most likely see the Amart or upper crust rule of Thailand nationalize it all away. But apparently, Taksin is still shaking and baking all sort of deals globally.

Latest is the much reported “New City” in Saudi Arabia that about US$20-40 billion will be involved in the 5 year project. A Saudi Arabia Prince is an owner and Taksin is a director.

This report on Taksin Saudi Arabia move, is not to point out that Taksin is again “On” and “In” the money, but that Saudi Arabia is perhaps the richest country globally-and globally respected by all Muslims for many reasons.

The objective of this report, is to point out that Taksin is now part of a vast Global net-work of wealth. There is a great many secrets in the world of global private equity investments-namely the real principals hardly ever identifies themselves.

How much money does Taksin really have? The correct question is how much money does he want to raise.

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