ASEAN Defense: 2) Thai Soldiers “Lining-Up” to “Beat-UP” Thai Military Chief!

Making friends and enemies along the way

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

According to a maverick Thai Soldier, Sae Daeng, many Thai soldiers are “Reserving the Rights” to “Beat-Up” the Thai army chief, Anupong, when Aunpong retires in a few months.

“Many soldiers are planning to group together and take the “Beat-Up” Anupong party, to Anupong when he retires,” said Sae Daeng.

The Thai army chief, Anupong, fired live bullets skirting the heads of the Red Shirt, a Thai social force that is pro-democracy and liberty, in their protest against the government. That move and other crack-down on the Red Shirt  had been called by Human Rights Watch as  “A gross violation of human rights.”

But the condition in Thailand, is set to deteriorate massively, as Anupong has picked a mentally un-balanced soldier to replace him. This replacement to the top Thai army chief position said the following: “The sight of anyone wearing a Red Shirt, sickens me and they are the enemy of Thailand that I will destroy.”

Unfortunately, for the mentally ill future Thai army chief, there are literally, millions and millions of Thais who calls themselves Red Shirt.

“He is an extremist radical that is about a hundred times more anti-democracy and liberty than Anupong, and when he becomes the Thai army chief, my advice is for every Thai to be ready for a very bloody Thailand,” said Sea Dang’s staff to this blog.

According to Sae Daeng’s staff, while it looks like the appointment of the radical extremist to head the Thai army, is very much cemented, because Anupong wants someone who can be easily controlled by him, the appointment is not yet solid.

“There is a great deal of anger against Anupong in the Thai army, and most of it is kept in checked because they still see Anupong as more intellectually inclined than being a hot-head, but with this future boss, the Thai army is going to split apart. There are some very senior people who are looking to change that likely outcome,” said Sae Dang’s staff.

But the heat is also on with Anupong, intellectually inclined or not.

In a major protest by the Red Shirt that bought the Anupong propped-up government of Abhisit to the brink of collapse, Anupong gave a stern warning to the protesters that the military will break the protest by any means, and the Red Shirt, confronted by that ultimatum, said they will save lives and disbanded.

In Thailand, those who are fighting for democracy and freedom, against the current class system or upper crust rule of Thailand, are widespread and includes many soldiers, such as Sae Daeng. These are seen by Anupong as a threat to Thailand and thus Anupong went weeding out any soldiers who are pro-democracy and liberty-resulting in many enemies for Anupong.

Anupong, may have sense some of this. He now flatly denied sending soldiers to “Hunt-Down” Sae Daeng, after a mysterious bomb exploded near Anupong’s office, deep inside the command center of the Thai army-where the first reaction was a massive all-out attack on Sae Daeng, that sent Sea Daeng going underground along the Thai Malaysian border for 2 days.

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