Journalism: A Believe it or Not! Thailand’s Newspapers Today

I believe it is time to check my Siamese cats into the mental ward

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Believe it or Not: A Picture does not tell a thousand story in Thailand

Thailand’s army chief, Anupong, says no soldiers were involved in protecting a golf course, when the televised pictures showed hundreds of soldiers all over the plac and standing in lines.

Believe it or Not: Spies everywhere in Thailand

The Thai government spokesman says the Human Rights Watch criticized the Thai government on human rights because its opponent, Taksin, infiltrated Human Rights Watch.

Believe it or Not: Every reader is stupid says Thai journalist

Thai Rath says Prem, the privy council, is not the reason why investigations into a golf course was terminated, because Prem only opened the golf course and played golf there.

Believe it or Not: Police careers are like rockets in Thailand

An NGO says Thai police career went through the roof after deciding not to prosecute a Thai government linked person encroachment of beach

Believe it or Not: Everything in Thailand is going as normal

After the search of a soldiers, Sae Daeng, house for weapons, the Thai army chief Anupong sais the search was routine and normal and not related to bombing of the army head quarters.

Believe it or Not: Alzheimer everywhere in Thailand

A protest by 20,000 people at a golf course linked to the privy council, Prem and Bangkok Bank, did not made the front page of Thailand’s premier English language newspaper, Bangkok Post.

Believe it or Not: With friends like this, who needs enemy in Thailand

Thai prime minister, Abhisit, threatened by his own chief of security and party member, to amend the constitution or else the government will fall apart, even if it goes against the prime minister principles.

Believe it or Not: Everybody do the twist in Thailand

Most Thai press says changing the election process that is meant to give better chances for smaller parties to win seats is really about making vote buying more easy, even when changing it makes relationship with voters closer.

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