Competitiveness: Thai Police are “Screwing Tourist” to “Kiss Government Ass”

Tourist the final victim of Siamese cat police mess

By Pooky and Stingray, this blog economics and national security journalist

Well, you would think there is an abundance of policeman in Thailand.

About 200 policemen just went searching the house of Sae Daeng, a soldier involved in politics-and went telling the press that the Thai police are on a nationwide man hunt for Sea Daeng.

Now lets see, Sea Daeng is just another solder, among the thousands of thousands that are involved in politics in Thailand, that goes all the way to the top of the Thai army, being the army chief Anupong.

So the hunt for Sae Daeng can take about 100-5,000 police and about a million man hour of work involved. But thank god that the court put a stop on the hunt.

So lots of police are now available. But what should these police do?

Meanwhile, the newspaper “Traveler” just reported that tourist at Thailand’s major resort area being Pattaya and the area beaches, is seeing merchant gangs threatening tourist.

The headline at the Travelers follows: “Tourist are being head locked into buying their services, while others are being threatened if suspect of being merchants-all that the result of merchants dividing out the beach into territories for absolute control.”

Travelers reported that, “The police said they have no force available to address the situation, and the city of Pattaya had to ask for tourist police to patrol the beach.”

Traveler also pointed out that tourist police are a force that is small in numbers and their work is stretched out in helping tourist that are all over Patttaya and are not equipped to deal with mafia merchant gangs that are linked to politicians and influential people in Pattaya.

If you wonder how on earth the Thai police get so twisted in defining its “Mission,” it started with the Thai Prime Minister Abhisit.

You see, Abhisit wanted one guy for the top Thai police position and the police apparatus wanted another guy instead. Then some influential Thai guy wanted someone else.

So right now, there is not “Top Thai Police” running things. And so as everyone wants this highly profitable position, the Thai police apparatus has gone “Absolute Politicized.”

So here is Thailand for you, and a war has erupted in Thailand over the appointment of the top police chief-with all sort of nasty war going on-to the extent that all sort of police are being charged of doing all sort of wrong things-many very unjustly faulted.

Most Thai police are just on holidays-not risking their careers on the line of duty. “Police morale is at rock bottom over politics,” said the retired Thai police association.

So well, tourist pay the final price off course, as what Thai police are going to go and crack-down on those connected mafia merchants on the beach who has political cover, when the entire police force is so politicized.

Like running around, allocating millions of man hour and going after the enemy of the government to increase its bargaining power with the government, is much more important than the Thai tourism industry that generates god knows how many trillions baht in revenue for Thailand.

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