Journalism: Transformation at Thai Media Taking Place

Media Siamese cats look at other media Siamese cats

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

  • Intelligence: Matichon calls for objectivity

Analysis: Matichon editors like Boonlert is just about had it with crappy report and are making calls for the Thai media to be more objective, but regular readers can still see hatred towards Taksin and the Red Shirt in what Matichon calls news reports. Bottom-Line: People like Boonlert should be commended.

  • Intelligence: Thai Rath goes anti-Taksin and Red Shirt

Analysis: Thai Rath’s entire editorial team is of the opinion that for Prem, the privy council that is suppose to not get involved in politics, high level political meeting with Abhisit, the Thai prime minister, is OK because it is tradition. Bottom-Line: Thai Rath’s political team turns real stupid.

  • Intelligence: Wattachak Group Returns very strongly

Analysis: The Wattachak group that was wiped out by the Thai financial crisis some 20 years ago, is making a very strong return “Dead Center” of Bangkok’s middle class-with cutting edge a newspaper that is pro-Democracy and social justice. Bottom-Line: Good-luck Wattachak and do not over extend this time.

  • Intelligence: Military controlled TV runs soap on democracy and justice

Analysis: Oddly, several Thai military controlled have been running soap opera on the subject of democracy and social-justice. Bottom-Line: We will have to wait and see the conclusion of these politicized soap.

  • Intelligence: Manager’s cable ASTV goes ballistic anti-government

Analysis: The Yellow Shirt key communication channel is attacking the government on a blistering thread that many say it has surpassed the Red Shirt cable TV in the intensity of the attack. Bottom-Line: Yellow Shirt fight with Red Shirt for the “I Hate Democrat Party” crowd that is very big.

  • Intelligence: People Channel cable TV zooms in on democracy and social-justice

Analysis: The Red Shirt main TV communication channel is deep in a series of news and analysis about democracy and social-justice-to the level that many commentator on the subject are being discovered by the channel. Bottom-Line: Stressing the channel’s key selling point-for a wider audience than just Taksin supporters.

  • Intelligence: Liberal blogs focus on global audiences

Analysis: Most liberal blogs in Thailand, including Thai Intelligence News, has pretty much ditch the Thai audiences and are restructuring their coverage for global audiences. Bottom-Line: Most Thais knows already of the condition in Thailand and they have lost local audiences.

  • Intelligence: Bangkok Post presents more Red Shirt and Taksin news

Analysis: Censoring out news on the Red Shirt and Taksin, many says, the root cause of the Bangkok Post loosing 20% of its readership last year. Bottom-Line: Smart move as usual by the Bangkok Post.

  • Intelligence: Thailand Political Prisoner, The Liberal Thai and Prachathai hit the roof with exploding hit rate

Analysis: After many global human right organizations have made comments about Thailand, the above blogs reports that hits from global audiences has sky-rocketed up ward-with many doubling in normal hit rate. Bottom-Line: Re-enforcement finally came from the big guns.

  • Intelligence: Thai E-News increase sophistication

Analysis: The official news out-let for the Red Shirt is Thai E-News and a major shift is occurring in the their stories are getting more creative and the sophistication level is increasing above the normal predictable angle and coverage that many say is repetitive. Bottom-Line: Thai E-News is maturing as its own polls says, most of its readers have Master Degrees and so ordinary stuff is just un-acceptable.

  • Intelligence: Nation commits suicide yet again

Analysis: The Nation Group as a whole is known for twisting basic facts and figures to match its coverage angle, but by correlating Taksin share price movements to the stock market movement and say Taksin shares went ahead of the market-coming off a series of front page anti-Taksin articles-is just plain committing suicide because anyone who is not so twisted, but with an objective view, can see plainly that the shares and the stock market moved in tandem. Bottom-Line: Blinded by prejudices as usual.

  • Intelligence: Business newspaper taking little crap from anyone

Analysis: Thai business newspapers are not mixing political considerations to their business coverage, and this is a very good sign that critical information on Thailand’s business conditions is breaking through the government control. Bottom-Line: A shining star in Thailand’s traditional media.

  • Intelligence: Cable TV continues exploding in popularity

Analysis: The latest news is that cable TV is still n an up-ward trajectory like a rocket going off, and this bods well for freedom of information in Thailand, as independent producers have a very economical way to break traditional media hold of Thailand. Bottom-Line: At this rate, in 5 years traditional TV will be history.

  • Intelligence: Taksin and family internet and cable TV get resources

Analysis: Taksin and family are deeply involved in the cable TV business, and while most are still in the “Incubation” stage, money are pouring in for cutting edge studios and equipment. Bottom-Line: Everyone wonders when it will go off the incubation stage.

  • Intelligence: CP media arm in conflict with corporate philosophy

Analysis: CP media corporate philosophy is to build a knowledge base economy, but its parent head is deeply involved in politics in supporting the Amart or class system rule of Thailand. Bottom-Line: Poor CP media empire to be living under draconian rule.

  • Intelligence: Government said go ahead and “take the government to court” if anyone thinks it is using the media for propaganda, because it is not doing any propaganda

Analysis: Everyone, even pro-government people, knows that the Abhisit government is using its media for propaganda. But to say the government is not doing any propaganda is yet again that the government is willing to be seen as stupid by everyone. Bottom-Line: Stupid people do stupid propaganda-so please consult the Bangkok Post for some really smart spin.

  • Intelligence: Thai Freedom takes an “Elderly Gentleman” approach to freedom

Analysis: A new addition to Red Shirt oriented media that goes all out to the point of seeing itself as a channel for those who wants to advise the key leaders of the Puey Thai Party, Red Shirt and Taksin. Bottom-Line: Our advice is keep delivering according that mission statement.

  • Intelligence: Analysis Magazine fly off the rack

Analysis: A new addition to democracy and freedom oriented media, selling very well, that targets the highly educated Red Shirt sympathizers segment with cutting edge articles. Bottom-Line: Not cutting edge enough and too much want-to-be-respected-attitude. Our advice is that those who are highly educated wants cutting edge to the level of being “Advance Warnings.”

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