Globalization: Sae Daeng Gone Global!

Siamese cat name Anupong really wants to roll over Sae Daeng now

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

For most of Sae Daeng’s life, it had been with an in-group with a very “Gung-Ho” bunch of Thais. Sae Dang’s many novels about his exploits have always been the best sellers with any Thai men who calls himself “Macho.”  But now, Sea Daeng has gone global.

The in-joke with Sae Dang’s fans are now about how those novels are now such a “Hot Property” global levels publishing house are now lining up to translate it into about 5 languages. The joke is, with Sea Daen, is it the pen or the bombs that will be more important.

Hot on the prospect, is reported to be “Asia Books” publishing arm, and even a small Hong Kong movie studio now wants to turn one of his book about fighting “Drugs Lords” on the Thai Myanmar border, into a movie.

But to get back to more serious analysis, this blog’s media sources tells this blog that Sae Dang has given interviews with many global level media house and many other are scheduled to interview him.

Apparently, the key question everyone wants to know, is will Thailand turn “Violent” again, and the prospect of a coup by Anupong, Thailand’s army chief.

Our analysis of Sae Daeng have started with this global level recognition, because with global recognition, Sae Daeng will be very much “Un-touchable” by the Thai army chief, Anupong, who had been on a war path with Sae Dang for ages now.

But we at this blog just want to warn Sae Daeng of two realities, that are very far from Hong Kong movie studio or a “Pulitzer Prize” in New York, and that first, after the arrest of close aides and friends of Sae Daeng, the Thai police and military was able to zoom in right away.

Then secondly, Thailand is a country of very jealous people who are engulfed by envy-it turns many into very negative people. The fundamental fact is that Sae Daeng, right or not, had challenged Anupong openly. Knowing Aunpong, the prospect of Sea Daeng going off into a global lime-light, will like literally “Freak the Shit” out of people like Anupong.

For our global readers who do not understand, in Thailand, people like Anupong spend most of his time being worshiped in a cave like environment.

The bottom-line analysis, is just be careful about security, because a death contract probably had been issued by now. And be careful who to trust, not that the in-circle of friends are evil or anything, but everyone has a family to think about, and knowing the Thai military-they will squeeze anybody that comes in its way.

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