ASEAN Defense: 1) In Thailand today! Soldiers Guarding a Golf Corse for the Ruling Class

Siamese soldiers guarding golf course-is that a joke or what?

Blog Note: Sorry everyone for the late report on this important story, but a member of this blog has just lost a family member and our priority shifted to sending flowers to Lake Tahoe in California.

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

At the nerve center of Thailand’s National Security Command, deep-down beneath Bangkok, in a bunker built to withstand anything, a very important question was asked by those soldiers in attendant.

“How do we protect a golf course from the enemy of Thailand?”

Reports have come in for a few days now that loads of GMC trucks with soldiers have piled up lots of soldiers in defense of a golf course, locating smack in the middle of the forest, that the Red Shirt, seen as enemy of Thailand by the Thai military, have went to stage a protest.

Latest news is that for some reason, the televised coverage by Red Shirt media have been blocked and taken off air-so what is new in Thailand, where the military has taken CNN and BBC coverage off air before.

“If the military stage another coup, I will create an exile government…..This double standard will tear Thailand apart and the people will raise up in a massive protest,” said Taksin, in a phone in to the Red Shirt protest at the golf course.

But just briefly, the golf course was investigated by the forestry department for forest encroachment but after the privy council Prem opened the golf course the investigations stopped. The course is tied in somehow to the Bangkok Bank that has a very close relationship with the Thai military and the current military propped-up government of the Democrat Party.

So the Red Shirt, went to protest at the mountain to high-light the “Double Standard” in Thailand when it comes to the Thai justice system. Apparently, the red Shirt will be burning lots and lots of Bangkok Bank savings book account as well, in a major consumers boycott campaign against Bangkok Bank.

Matichon weekly, quoted Chatuporn, a leader of the Red Shirt as saying the last objective is having “No More Prem” messing with Thai politics.

God knows, even the most respected and loved person in Thailand, being the Thai King, said “A privy that gets involved in politics, is no privy.”

Prem off course sees the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, as a son and Anupong as a good servant. All three of them, Prem, Abhisit and Aunpong, off course sees democracy and freedom as threatening to Thailand’s traditional rule by the class system.All three of them, again, are part of the ruling class.

So the Thai military, under Anupong, has sent thousands of soldiers, fully equipped, to defend a golf course that belongs to the ruling class Thai-that sits there right smack against the law.

Thai soldiers are sworn to defend the enemy of Thailand and every Thai military units carry the King blessed unit flag. God knows, if violence breaks out, and some soldiers gets killed along with the some protesters-what on earth will all of them be remembered by.

Like does “Killed in the line of duty protecting a golf course” ring a bell?

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