Politics: A Top Ranked Thai Research House Analysis of Pheu Thai Party

Researchers seldom do research on their own morality

by Frank, this blog political journalist

Sources at Puey Thai Party told this blog that the party is concerned that a detailed and in-depth research into the Puey Thai Party as oppose to the Democrat Party-will be used by the research house to help strengthened the Democrat Party position against the Puey Thai Party.

“The research house is run by a staunch-anti Taksin and Puey Thai Party head, and clearly the research house is trying to crack the DNA of why Puey Thai remains the most popular political party in Thailand,” said the source.

The source declined to mention the name of the research house, but said that the head of the unit, “Have came out strongly against the Puey Thai Party, the Red Shirt and Taksin on many critical issues.”

This blog understand what the Puey Thai source meant of which research house is involved in this case.

This blog just wants to add that several top ranked Democrat Party MPs frequent the research house on a regular and top rank level. The discussions are un-known to this blog however.

“The fundamental reason Puey Thai Party is still the most popular party is because Thais are now interested in democracy and liberty such as in freedom of expression. And the Thais sees us as standing for these modern principles, but the Democrat Party as being for Nationalism and totalitarianism through its link to the military. There is no secret to research,” said the source.

However, the source said that according to reports from those that had been researched by the research unit, “Questions focused a great deal on information process.”

The source said the research house wanted to know the type of social-network those questioned are involved with.

“They wanted to know details like what, why, when and how,” said the Puey Thai party source.

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