Justice: Is the Thai Anti-Corruption Body Entitled to a Share of Thaksin’s Nationalized Money?

Big Switzerland bank vault can hide many millions

By Pooky, this blog economics journalist

Will the Thai anti-corruption body get a hold of about US$500 million of Taksin’s US$2 billion if Taksin found guilty of corruption?

Taksin’s lawyer said “Yes” and this is the main reason the Thai anti-corruption body went after Taksin, Taksin’s lawyers argues. But the Anti-corruption says “No” money is heading for them.

What is really going on?

Well, the anti-corruption body wrote into the regulations of the anti-corruption body that anyone who gives information that leads to the exposure of corruption and subsequent nationalized of the corrupted assets, are entitled to 25%.

There is two facts to consider here.

The Thai anti-corruption body, in fact testified against Taksin and are material witness to the corruption-meaning they are involved and thus falls under the regulation that gives them 25% of the nationalized assets.

But the second point, which is more critical to this case, is that the regulations says, “Such granting of 25% to individuals can not be disclosed to the public in any way, form or means-to protect the witness.”

So in the final analysis, get US$500 million or not, no one but a select few, will ever know-because it is considered a “State Secret” that will be denied.

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