ASEAN Defense: Old Thai Soldiers Never Die, They Just Cry and Get Bombed

More time looking at the mirrow and less for enemy is advised

by Frank, this blog national security journalist

Poor old Thai soldiers, because they do not die but just shed tears and get bombed.

Sorayuth, the former Thai soldier who is credited with laying down the real plans for the 2006 coup in Thailand, was reported that he is now so dis-trout about the controversial over his holding of a big plotted land right smack in the middle of a forest reserve on a hill-top, that he just made a press meeting to clarify his actions-to which many Thai newspapers reported that Sorrayuth shed tears.

We just want to express our hope that Sorrayuth do not get too serious about the prospect of loosing that beautiful land on top a mountain that overlooks the beautiful lake around it-meaning just think about all those Thais imprisoned for breaking national security laws and just looking the walls of their prison cells, right?

Then Anupong, reportedly, just saw his office hit by a rocket propelled grenade, to which Anupong went beefing up his security detail that included, his private house and motorcade.

We just want to express our hope that Anumpong do not get too serious with the bomb threat on his life-meaning all soldiers rather die in battle like shooting bullets skirting the heads of un-armed protesters-and not in arm-chair, right?

Seconds ago, before this writing, an elderly Thai, asked this blog what is it with these Thai soldiers-to be doing the things they have done without thinking about the country?

This blog simply said Thai soldiers lead a life that is “Above the Law” and that leaves them “Out-of-Control” most of their lives, and so Thai soldiers thinks and believes that what is good for them is good for Thailand.

Unfortunately, since the coup of 2006 by Sorrayuth, and the 2008 creating of the Abhisit government by Anupong-if anything, the condition of Thailand, today, clearly says “What is good for Thailand, does not depend on what is good for the Thai soldiers.”

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