ASEAN Defense: A Look at an important Thai Bombing Incident

Thai army under this Siamese cat is in shambles

Blog Note: We will continuously up-date this breaking story as additional news and comments comes in.

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

  • Thai Army Spokesman Statement:

The Thai army spokesman just said moments ago that the army noticed bombing evidence, but can not tell when the bombing occurred or what type of explosive or delivery method was involved.

“We can not confirm anything except there is evidence of explosions,” said the Thai army spokesman.

  • Sae Dang Warning:

Sae Dang, the accused soldier master-mind behind a daring bombing attack on Anupong, the Thai army chief, said the following:

“This is the first time in modern Thai military that the Thai army chief is attacked at the army head quarter. It is most embarrassing and Anupong should resign. The Thai military no-longer belongs to the Thai people but hated….The attack will continue and I deny any involvement……..My suggestion is that Anupong moves his family inside a military compound right away for safety,” said Sea Daeng, in Southern Thailand-where he said was his location for many days now.

The police is planning to issue an arrest warrant for Sea Daeng, as Aunpong called an urgent meeting of his close allies that resulted in a about 200 policemen and military officers combined force search of Sea Daeng’s house and found weapons. The weapons included mostly grenade for launchers and machine gun bullets.

“They are souvenir from my military training,” said Sae Daeng.

  • Sae Daeng Gone Undercover Underground?

A Western intelligence source told this blog that what is critical at this juncture is what Sae Dang will do next, since reports have it that Sae Daeng was warned that he would be arrested by either the Thai police or military-and his where about at the moment is un-known to the intelligence community.

“If he comes out to be arrested, that would lead to a military court order and subsequent investigation under Anupong’s direction and wishes. But if he disappear it could build up Sae Dang’s anger. Both bodes ill for Thailand. Sae Daeng has a great deal of followers inside the military and with the Thai public. While most Thais have been alienated away from Anupong and a court under Anupong will tear Anupong’s reputations to bits,” said the intelligence source.

  • And Taksin just Twitted Last Night:

“The accusations or arrest of Sae Daeng is the government attempt to silence a “Democratic Soldier.”

“We suspect the opposition party, Puey Thai, all the former soldiers that have joined Puey Thai, and also the Red Shirt, to come out in support of Sae Daeng. But what is worrying are the reaction of all these security related people,” said the intelligence source.

In sum, the western intelligence source said Anupong is reacting the way his opponents expected-and that is to heat up the situation “Way beyond the situation.”

  • Enemy Close at Home:

Intelligence source told this blog that based on latest information (7:30am 21/1/2010), Thailand’s army chief life is in critical danger.

“The Thai army have discounted the grenade launcher scenario but admitted to a bomb at Anupong’s office. We had hoped it was a grenade launcher, because now it seems that Anupong’s enemies in Thailand are very close to Anupong,” said an Asian military intelligence analyst, to this blog.

Anupong remained silent and his location un-known at the moment, with rumors that he has caved himself in deep in a military camp that is run by his close allies.

The explosion went off at about 4am, at Aupong’s office, deep inside the Thai military head quarter. And as of this reporting at 7:30pm, the Thai army now says they have not rule out a grenade launcher.

While the Thai military is playing down the news-with the latest being a denial of all earlier stated information, even refuting earlier report that Anupong’s security details have been strengthened, most Thai press reports on the explosion as a bringing to the surface a serious and continued rift in the Thai military.

  • All Thai Security Apparatus are Politicized:

The Asian intelligence analysts said the explosion is a warning on Anupong’s planned crack-down in future Red Shirt protest.

“Anupong needs to find a way to deal peacefully with the protester, because if he uses violence again, he will likely have no place safe to live in Thailand,” said the analyst, “Regardless.”

Sae Daend, a Red Shirt sympathizer that is against Anupong’s political activities, who had been under prosecution by Anupong for being that Red Shirt sympathizer, earlier said he would “Beat-Up” Anupong, after Anupong retires from the Thai military. Sae Daeng earlier said he would suspend his political involvement for a month, waiting for Anupong to lift the prosecutions.

“The combined police and military operation in searching Sae Daeng’s house is a highly politicized move against a key Red Shirt supporter, and it is meant for a political objective with little to do with the bombing incident,” said the opposition party Puey Thai.

“I will revenge the search on my house,” said Sae Dang.

Just days ago, many former senior soldiers, have again broke rank and joined Taksin’s political arm, the Pury Thai Party that is closely associated with the Red Shirt that Sae Daeng supports.

The moves follows massive numbers of former soldiers joining the Puey Thai Party.

  • Thai Prime Minister Also Under Tight Security:

Security detail on the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, is massive, with thousands of police involved wherever he goes in Thailand.

In one visit to a provincial town for example, Abhisit wore bullet proff vest-even being guarder by a massive contingent of over 3,000 security people who screened the people that greeted him, as overhead, 3 helicopters scouted the entire area.

As a result of the Anupong’s office bombing, an ordered was made by the police to tighten security on all “Important Figures” in Thailand, including their private residence.

  • Maverick Soldier Sae Daeng:

The cause of the flash point in the explosion break-out, is linked by many to Anupong’s continued crack-down on any soldiers deemed as “Sympathizers” of the Red Shirt, a political force for change in Thailand towards democracy and liberty-and a movement in co-ordination with Taksin.

Sae Daeng is at the forefront of being Red Shirt sympathizer.

Under Anupong, foreign military intelligence analysy estimates anywhere from 10,000-25,000 soldiers careers have been frozen. Anupong also offended many other “Neutral” soldiers by apponting soldiers close to him above more qualified and senior soldiers.

Those moves have created many enemies for Anupong. To which, Aupong seldom ventures into the public openly.

“Aunpong’s security details are being screened,” earlier news, said Anupong’s staff, in his initial reaction to the bombing incident-which now is reversed, to say no special security is being accorded.

That crack-down by Anupong bought Anupong into direct and open conflict with several soldiers such as Sae Daeng and Panlop-both of which have a track record of violent underground activities. Other soldiers have also made strong statement against Anupong.

  • Top-Echelon Shocked into In-action:

Initial reaction from the Thai government, before the search on Sae Daeng’s house was “Muted.”

The Thai prime minister, Abhisit and Suthep, his chief of security, have been playing the explosion incident with “Extreme Under-Tone.”

Both said the activity relates not to Sae Daeng or Panlop, but activities meant at causing fear in the Thai people. “We will protect the Thai people’s security,” both said earlier in the day.

Those moves have been reversed as this reporting (3:00pm 21/1/2010), as the Thai police, that is under the control of the prime minister, now having made a move on Sae Daeng’s house.

Anupong is much hated by both the Red Shirt for firing live bullets skirting the heads of thousands of un-armed Red Shirt protesters, and his subsequent activities in bringing the Abhisit government together into being. Both activities have alienated him from the Red Shirt and Puey Thai Party-that a research house found as still is the “Most Popular” political party in Thailand.

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