Thaksin Focus: Thai Junta is Pushing Thaksin into “Negative” Mentality

Taksin still rocks Siam with positive vibes

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Taksin, for all his track record of suspected power and money grabbing, had always been very positive about things-like his twitter indicates. “Bless you, hope your wish becomes true,” said Taksin in his latest political twitter-as the storm cloud, clouds over Thailand’s future.

  • Friends & Foe:

Fans of Taksin would say he is very positive, hopeful and well wishing. Those in the middle, would probably say he brings a destructive wind of creativity and innovation to Thailand-like a more just and democratic society with little Amart or upper crust influences. Even his enemy, will probably agree that Taksin is cute in the way he fights a battle they see as a loosing battle, and still believe he can win.

  • In-Justices Pile On:

But by now, if one is not blind, one can pretty much say that Taksin was trashed in Thailand by the far right Amart, to the level of being just purely un-fair and ugly.

For example, according Bangkok Pundit and Thailand Political Prisoners-it appears that the decision on the case against Taksin alledge corruption and to nationalize all his assets away has already been made in advance. That against the clear double standard on the privy council cases. The list goes on and on.

  • Taksin’s Mentality & The Bottom-Line:

The bottom-line, however, is not about all of us at all.

The Amart or upper crust can win the day. The Yellow Shirt can threat everyone to go back and rule the streets-and keeping all Thais as a ransom of the current government. The Red Shirt key people can exiled out of Thailand to Cambodia, as the Cambodian leader said Cambodia is ready to house Thais escaping political prosecution. Anupong may appoint a crazy soldier to replace him.

  • Will Taksin Turn Negative:

And what ever else one can think about-again does not matter at all.

What really matters is Taksin’s mentality-the cutting edge billionaire fighter with means.

That is because if you follow Taksin’s twitter, you just can not miss spotting loads and loads of positive energy-like with everything that is going on with a major Red Shirt rally and a censure debate, Taksin still twitters with individuals giving advice, hope and solutions to their problems.

  • Ready for Revenge?

But what if Taksin turns truly “Negative.”

Like this blog wonders what will happen if Taksin turns negative, start to”Extract a Revenge,” and be put into a place he has noting to really lose?

The risk is that Taksin will, instead of a “Destructive Wind of Creativity,” in fighting for a change for a better Thailand, what if Taksin fight becomes a “Destructive Wind of Negativity.”

In fact, the Thai government, painted a grim picture indeed-seeing riots, total chaos and government building being burned. Others says assassinations and a violent underground resistance movement.

Like it or not or accept it or not, Taksin appears to be the only major player in town that is still full of positive energy-hopeful that playing by the rules will win the day.

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