Thai Culture: Kids in Thailand & How a New Generation of Dictators being Raised

Thai kids worshiping Hitler at a young age

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The picture most around the globe remembers about the Thai coup of 2006, is the military boss sitting at a big desk, with a bunch of soldiers standing in line in the back-ground-and reading a statement about “Country, King, and Religion.”

Well, on U-Tube, a bunch of Thai kids, going through military training, just did the same. The kid leader, in military uniform, sat a big desk, with a line of other kids in military uniform-went swearing to protect “Country, King, and Religion.”

Is that just a freak out accident in Thailand, by a bunch of crazed out kids?

And guess what? The most popular “Children Day” venue in Thailand? Well, as children in other countries goes on roller coaster and science museum-in Thailand it is for a ride on military equipment like the tanks.

“Don’t be alarmed, the tanks movements is for the Children Day,” Thai TV broadcasted a message from the Thai military.

Just imaging, going for a ride on military equipment-tanks, jet fighters, navy ships are so popular-the Thai military had to make an announcement before the “Children Day” for the public not to be worry about a coup, since the military is just moving military equipment around to place them for massive numbers of Thai children.

Well Anupong, Thailand’s military chief, just told this blog, the Thailand’s highest institution comes before Democracy and Freedom.

So guess what is the latest at the Thai Military-and so “Yes” it is another round of war on the Internet. The latest is encouraging Thais to report on all internet activities deemed, “Dangerous” to that Thai institution.

Well, Thai kids are now into that game as well.

In Thailand, every Thai must enter into military service. So students at high-school level enter the ROTC for military training. Traditionally, it is so that they could escape military service later on, and most Thai students do not want to go to work for the Thai military.

The military training in fact, is seen as a drag by most student. “I look good in the uniform and the girls likes how hansom I look, but apart from that, it is useless,” said a Thai ROTC to the media a few years ago-when Thailand considered making the military service voluntary and not mandatory.

But the latest, is that the ROTC, is being used to brain-wash Thai kids.

“We are starting a monitoring group of the internet for information dangerous to national security,” said an ROTC student.

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