ASEAN Defense: Thai Military Chief Staff says “Army in Turmoil”

I wonder what Sae daeng will do next

by Frank, this blog national security journalist

The assistant to the Thai army chief, Anupong, say the Thai army is in “Total Turmoil.”

Thai Rath, a mass circulated daily, quoted the assistant of the Thai army chief as saying, “Sae Dang’s activitiy has cause a total turmoil in the Thai army. Sea Dang should stop. If he wants to be involved in politics, he should leave the military.”

Anupong, the Thai army chief had been on a witch hunt for any sympathizer of the Red Shirt, a political force in Thailand that wants Democracy and liberty returned to Thailand. Those suspected of being Red Shirt sympathizers are subsequently dealt with in a variety of ways including having their careers frozen.

“If Sae Dang quit politics and return to the military fold, he will be taken cared of and forgiven,” said Anupong’s assistant.

Sae Dang, now put on in-active duty, earlier, have said he will quit his political activity for a month, to give time for Anupong to re-instate him into the Thai military.

Anupong is pulling the string of Nevin, heading a political party that supports the current Thai government. The Thai military is considered highly politicized at the moment.

Sae Dang have responded earlier by saying, “When Anupong leaves politics, so will I.”

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