Competitiveness: A Thai Think Tank on how the Thai Government “Not” Educating the Poor

Poor Siamese cats get rolled over as usual

By Pooky, this blog economics journalist

The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) just issued a research that said, “If the Thai government serious see that educating is the solution to Thailand’s problems, it should educate the poor and not just the rich.”

According to TDRI the Thai government is pouring money into the middle levels of education and not at the lower levels of education. The middle level of education, benefits principally, the well to do, said TDRI.

“The poor can benefit if the government focuses on the lower levels of education,” said TDRI.

Thai manufacturing and service industries have cited the lack of qualified workers as a major obstacle to Thailand’s progress. And the Bank of Thailand says Thailand will have to turn to the internal economy more than global for growth opportunity.

“The single largest un-tapped engine of growth is the poor, and little attention is being made by this government to develop this segment of population,” said Thailand’s opposition party. When the opposition was the government, several significant initiatives were made to improve the quality of education to the grassroots level.

TDRI earlier released a major research that indicated that the difficulties the Thailand is experiencing relates to the wide-gap between the rich and poor, where independent research found that Thailand is one of the worse countries globally, when it comes to income distribution.

A Thai university, Chula, also did a research and found that about 60% of Thailand’s total wealth, belonged to a group of about 10 wealthiest people.

Jai Ungpakorn, a Thai academic, in exile to the UK for lease majeste, wrote a book saying that the 2006 coup was a “Coup for the Rich.” The current government of Abhisit, is considered to be propped up by the Thai military.

Of the current US$40 billion in economic stimulus package, the largest proportion is being directed towards education, where polls says Thais are “Satisfied” with the government’s efforts on this regards. The current government of Abhisit, strongest support comes from the middle-class.

About 10 million Thais, of the 60 million population are considered poor.

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