ASEAN Defense: 2) Thai Security Deteriorates with Sae Daeng Pre-Excuses Himself

Wonder what this secretive Siamese cat will do

by Frank, this blog national security journalist

Just a quick note that Thai maverick soldier, Sae Daeng, who moves and shake with much of Thailand’s violent underground, had come out to say that he will “Not get involved” for a month, in Thailand’s politics that many sees as verging on going civil war.

“I consulted with my military friends and they told me to stop my activities for a month to give the military an opportunity to reconsider, and I accept their advice, but my commitment is to bring fundamental change to Thailand to make it a Democratic, just and fair state,” said Sae Daeng.

Sae Daeng was put on in-active duty by Thailand’s army chief Anupong, after Sae Daeng became a close strategic aid to Taksin, the leader of the Red Shirt, in a “Bullet for Bullet” strategy to counter Anupong past actions in firing bullets skirting the Red Shirt protest.

Some observers said to this blog that Sae Daeng’s move bodes ill for Thailand, since Sae Dang has always been up-front about his activities, giving straight warning of activities that would harm Thailand’s national security.

“I am afraid this is just his way of going underground and cut the link back to him,” said one analysts with a classified unit, to this blog.

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