ASEAN Defense: 1) Marverick Soldier, Seh Daeng, Plans to Beat-Up Thai Army Chief

Wow, Sae Dang-I wished I had your guts

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Sae Daeng, a mavarick soldier who supports the Red Shirt, says he plans to “Beat-up” Thailand’s army chief, Anupong, when Anupongs leaves the Thai army.

“We can forget about going to each others funeral, and I will beat-up Anupontg when he leave the Thai military,” said Sae Dang.

Sae Daeng had been put on in-active duty for taking a vacation out of Thailand, without telling his superiors. That outside Thailand is Cambodia where Sae Daeng went to spend time with Taksin, the leader of the Red Shirt.

After that visit, anything Sae Dang did or says, became very agrivating to Anupong-who finally had it and sent Sae Daeng to the in-active post, after a rushed military trial and a quick go ahead from the Thai Ministry of Defense headed by a minister from a party that competes head on with Takin’s political arm.

Some local newspaper are reacting very negatively to the development between Sae Dang and Anupong, saying it looks like a civil war is just about to erupt in Thailand.

Sae dang is a key figure in spearheading “An eye for an eye” or in this case, “A bullet for Bullet” in case Anupong orders Thai soldier to shoot at Red Shirt protester-as he did in another major protest of the red Shirt.

The Red Shirt are fighting for Democracy and Liberty, in this country seen as run by an inner circle of people.

According to traditional military strategy, in fact what goes off first in war or civil wars are random bombings-to which these are frequent in Thailand already and many times Sea Daeng had come out to warn Anupong to be careful that bombs would go off-to which many times they did go off.

However, it is not clear at this point if it is Sae Dang behind those explosions or not, since in Thailand the Third Column and other instigators are rampant.

We just want to warn our foreign readers, that if you plan a trip to Bangkok-please be careful, because the bombs are rumored to be ready to go off-in kicking off a civil war in Thailand. Or if you are already in Bangkok, please be careful.

We don’t expect shopping centers to be hit first, but we think it will be isolated events for minimal casualties-as a threat or as an instigation. So hurry and get your shopping done, then when the first one goes off-avoid high visibility centers.

By the way, again, we hope we at this blog are wrong.

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