Thaksin Focus: Is Thaksin After Billions or After Democracy? Both?

Advice to Siamese cat name Taksin-people do not need billions to rock and roll

By Frank, this blog political journalist

There is a lot of speculation in Thailand now, if Taksin’s activities in Thailand relates to his billions or is it about democracy.

At the very anti Taksin, the Nation newspaper, its best journalist Thanong, talked about Thailand’s head privy council Prem rushed meeting with Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit, where Thanong said Prem told Abhisit to brave the political storm Taksin is bringing on and continue as the prime minister.

Then at, at the very pro Taksin forum room Rajdumnern Room, its members talked about how that rushed meeting by Abhisit and Prem, broke not just the law, but the Thai Constitution itself, because the constitution clearly says that the privy must be above politics and remain neutral.

Taksin himself, said he is concerned about his billions and thus, being concerned about his billions that is on the line right now, when the red Shirt is active-these two activities are clearly related.

This blog will not attempt, as Thanong did, to tell you what your position should be. But we just want to lay out some basic facts for you to consider.

Taksin made a great deal of money before entering politics. Many cutting edge journalist in Thailand have said that it is only fair, that what Taksin made legitimately should not be nationalized away, but only those that are dubiously made.

This blog is one of the few in Thailand, to have pointed out that the Thai judiciary system is controlled by the Songkhla Net-work, that links to Prem. And since Prem is behind the coup that kicked Taksin out, clearly Prem will use the Songkhla net-work to nationalized every penny of Taksin’s billions away.

But lets say, that this blog is wrong, what is legitimate money and what is corrupt money?

Clearly, Taksin’s billions grew in-line with the stock market rise. And yet Thailand’s Development Research Institution says Taksin mended the law to help the companies backing his billions. Therefore there is a great deal of the “Gray Area” in this reguards.

So this blog called up TDRI, particularly the guy who testified against Taksin at the Thai high court on politics, that is going to make a judgement on Taksin billions soon.

That is because TDRI published a study that said Taksin did nothing wrong-and you can go to the TDRI to grab this research if you want to see another side to the accusation that Taksin mended the law to benefit his company.

Well the TDRI guy who testified against Taksin in the court told this blog, “I did not write that report.”

This blog actually does not give a damn about Taksin’s billions, because there is no way in hell those that control Thailand will not take it all away. And we just want to recommend our close friend Taksin the following:

“The money is a goner and so forget about it and get over it. Just focus on bringing Democracy and social justice to Thailand. Stay focus on bringing Democracy to Thailand, so that other Thais will not have to face the same type of in-justice.”

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