Diplomacy: Is Hillary Dumb Founded between the question of “Money & Security or Humans”

Is this American cat dumb or what?

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The Thai military is deporting about 4,000 people of the Hmong tribe out of Thailand into Laos.

That move have caused a great deal of concern, even the United Nation had called for Thailand to stop it. Even the US president, Obama said he is concerned.

But then-silence from everyone-leaving human rights activist globally very troubled.

If you have followed this blog, we have always trashed Hillary, the US Secretary of State, for being so into development-in that this blog says that is economics before human beings.

On top of money, there is the security issues and well-and so what do one expect-money and security is what makes some people feel good about themselves.

But then again other people feel better about themselves when they think about human rights before all the rest of the crap-like money and security.

“Yes” trading and investing with Thailand, enriches America, and “yes” the Thai US military alliance keeps America safer. Who can argue with that.

But what defines people for history to judge, is just these types of critical decisions.

Hillary has the opportunity to define herself for history to judge her in a good light, but like we keep saying, sometimes people are “Dumb Founded” because of money and security.

Oh, “Yes” definitely, this blog says Hillary is a very “Dumb” person-at the moment that is.

Continue on this course, and the footnote on Hillary will say, “The US Secretary of State who did not lift a finger to help the Hmong people who sacrificed their lives along the side of American soldiers in the Vietnam War, because she thinks not helping them is good development.”

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