Red Shirts Focus: Red Shirts Celebrity “Dragged” Thai Intelligence Operative to Police

Rock and roll together with kick boxing? Elvis would be impress.

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

A Thai movie star and singer, Arrismund, dragged a Thai intelligence operative to the police for shadowing him.

Thai Rath, a mass circulated Thai daily reported that Arrismund noticed that someone was shadowing him so he cornered the guy in a kick-boxing fight that saw the shadowy guy “dragged” to the police who then identified himself as a Thai intelligence operative and was then released back into the dark night.

“I gave him a knee to the chin and that dazed him then I let out a kick to his neck and then he fell. So I dragged the poor guy to the police,” said Arrismund.

Arrismund is a celebrity who supports the red Shirt movement in Thailand that is calling for Democracy and social-justice-in this country that many now see as run by a in-group of people who comes from outside Democratic principles.

Arrismund earlier was prevented by the Thai government to deliver a letter of protest against the Thai government human rights record to the delegates at ASEAN, a regional grouping here in Southeast Asia. However, the US Ambassador to Thailand, who attended the meet, said people should be allowed to voice their opinion freely and thus Arrismund was allowed to present the protest letter.

The shadowing of Arrismund follows an order by the Thai government yesterday, to track and follow all voice of dissent in Thailand. Matichon, a local daily, reports today that yesterday Thailand’s prime minister, Abhisit, set up a governing board to track and “Get Serious” with violators of national security laws.

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