Democracy: Thai Civil War “Officially” Launched with Sae Daeng Hammered

Will my Siamese cats be humane to other Siamese cats

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Just a quick note, based on latest information, the Thai government had officially launched the “Civil War” in Thailand by putting Sae Daeng on “Inactive Duty.”

For our readers who have little time to follow the events in this very irrelevant country, Thailand, Sae Dang is a key figure in the Red Shirt movement that wants fundamental change to the Thai society-in basing Thailand’s political system on democratic principle, instead of the current “Outside Constitutional Powers” system by the privy councilors.

The privy councilors have been very protective of their powers to the extent that they are willing to accept “Massacre” of their own Thai countrymen. That have obviously resulted in an equal opposing force, being the Red Shirt have gone preparing to “use violence” against “violence” against them.

Sae Daeng is a key strategist in that use of that counter-violence.

Well, this blog continues to hope the best for the Thais, as we hope our analysis is wrong.

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