Justice: Corruption Plot Thickens with Another Privy and another Mountain Grab

I wonder if these Siamese cats councils ever look at themselves in the mirror?

by Frank, this blog political journalist

Well, the Red Shirt are very secretive about this other mountain and this other privy!

Even based on this blog access to Taksin and his people, they still told this blog little. So do not expect much of anything, except that the plot thickens-and we are talking about they type of plot that would impress even the Turkish mafia.

Apparently, Prem, the head privy council, is very close to a country club that boast a golf course right smack in the forest. That golf course literally freaked out the forestry officials and an investigation started-to see if the land was OK, by law.

Well, off course, after, that friendship with the golf course owner, saw Prem became a member of the country club. Again, well, if you know Thailand, in Thailand Prem is one of the top five most powerful person of all time. And off course you got it right, the golf course had no problem existing then right in the middle of the forest.

The problem is, again, here is Thailand-and if you have followed Thailand, you know anything is doable-especially by people like Prem.

Some say Prem held shares in the country club. Some say there are clear evidence against the country club, being smack in the middle of a forest.

Other says, all evidence had long since evaporated-since people started noticing Prem went to the country club often enough to have a special house ready especially for him-against the forestry people sudden silence.

Yet other said the evidences are still available to who ever are willing to pay the price-and rumors is that the price had long going up very fast since the Red Shirt said they will protest at Sorrayuth’s mountain resort.

But then other says it has been years and years since Prem went there, and the club membership was given to Prem as an honorary only and not because of any friendship.

The real problem in this case against this new mountain and this head council Prem-goes at the heart of the battle in Thailand. You see the other privy, Sorayuth, that has clearly broken the law with a massive personal resort on top of a mountain in the forest reserves, is that Sorrayuth is slated to replace Prem someday-as Prem is very old.

Sorrayuth, even being forced to give up his land encroachment and clearly broke the law-has refused to resign from the privy council position-and still is ready to replace Prem as the head.

So clearly, with Prem’s involvement in this other mountain top, both Prem and Sorrayuth, have been or will be hit pretty hard-depending on the plot written out by the plot-masters-on all side involved.

Well, Prem is the guy behind kicking Taksin, the leader of the Red Shirt out, in the 2006 coup-but Sorrayuth is just the figure head for the coup government-and apart from a few rumors of ordering a series of assassination attempt on Taksin, everyone more or less loves and respect Sorrayuth.

But Prem, called the “Killer” is like really hated by a massive numbers of Thais, everywhere.

So the fact is, for the first time in Thailand-the Thais may have people who are widely believed to break the law as privy-but a whole bunch of them who have actually, clearly in the open, broke the law-as privy councils.

Then if the two is not enough. Other plots are also simmering, involving other privy councils in other questionable conducts.

So just look at the order of privy succession-is it good or bad people in a line.

The bottom-line is that, what ever side you may be on, these pricy councils just simply do not match the stature that is needed for people who advises the most respected person in Thailand, by all Thais, and that is the Thai King.

Then if you knock in that these privy councils does not come into being through the Democratic process-but for whatever reason-can be running Thailand the way they are-even after clearly breaking laws or good morale-well I will let you make your own conclusion.

Privy or no privy?

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