Journalism: Foreign Correspondents in Thailand: “Definately” Going Anti-Red Shirt

Bad foreign cats roll over good Siamese cat

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Just a quick note on the development at the FCCT, that the Nation went cutting edge and very neutral in its report:

The head of the Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand just canned the Red Shirt meet to prepare for the current Thai government head, Abhisit-in a move that many Red Shirt criticized.

Yes, it is inappropriate, for the FCCT to ally itself to the Amart, or class system, like that.

The FCCT represents mostly media-that ultimately service their clients in trade and businesses-not those that are interested in Democracy and Freedom. Their the political coverage, again is tied ultimately to trade and investment foreign relations.

And so there were little hope in getting the FCCT help-as this blog had reported on many people pleading for help, in an earlier story.

Ultimately, that focus on trade and business will hurt the interest of their clients, because the reality of what is occurring in Thailand will be skewed-hurting free flow of information that is critical for investment decisions.

An example is a recent major article from Reuters, that asked if Taksin’s strategy on Cambodia had backfired. The fact is, the most recent poll says most Thais still support Taksin’s political arm, and that about 15% of Thais will not vote for the Democrats, against only 5% that will not vote for Taksin’s political arm.

There are two considerations, here, first, alignment of businesses for the future depends on proper alliances to future political forces. Then, as this blog have mentioned before, an unethical investment strategy-in supporting anti-Democratic and Liberty forces-are self-destructive.

But the bottom-line, is perhaps that the FCCT is just keeping the enemy closer than the lover.

But then again, Nation reported on the lese majeste angle-and thus perhaps the FCCT is just simply trying to get off the hook since the entire board is charged with lese majeste. So to get off the hook, what else to do but align with the government that promotes Royalism.

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