Diplomacy: Bangkok & Panom Pen: Where Bargaining goes Begging?

What are my Siames cat doing to the Khmer cats

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

At about 11 am this morning-in Bangkok, today, the police made a clean sweep of the city for beggars, netting about 300 Cambodians who sneaked into Thailand to beg for a living-along with Thais. Their fate now is up to mercy of the Thai police, where if strict, the Cambodians can serve long jail time for sneaking into Thailand.

At about 1 pm this afternoon-in Phanon Phen, Cambodia’s capital, the very anti-Thailand’s current government of Hun Sen, let a Thai air traffic company, that was banned from operating the flight traffic control  because it was infected with spy, go back to run the flight control.

Just coincidence? yes, correlating the two events as related is difficult at best.

However, both occurred on the same say and within hours from each other, and most of you know, the Thai government and the governor of Bangkok are from the same party-and in Thailand, the police is very much a lever of the government.

But what of Phanom Phen?

In Cambodia, Hun Sen popular support comes from mainly the poor, who were outspoken against Cambodia’s strong position against the Bangkok government, as many depends on Thailand for their livelihood.

Is it beyond belief and comprehension, that beggars can be used as a diplomatic lever? Well, actually the Thai government uses everything as levers-you name it, from the courts, police to whatever.

So to to seriously, make an attempt at correlating both events, the key is not what is occurring to the Cambodian beggars-but to the current Thai government attitude towards humanitarian assistance.

We are just very sad to inform you that in Thailand’s case, humanitarian aid, has always been a tool for Thailand’s interest-not in the being humanitarian in itself.

I know I am threading on very thin ground on this story.

But I just also want to add a last point, in that during the hottest days in the Thai Cambodian conflict, the Thai government indeed threatened to repatriate all Cambodians out of Thailand.

But on this story, you make the call.

As for me, if I know the Thais-the events are related. And as for my philosophy on beggars-I say let them roam and global so that they can be a reminder to us all-of the sufferings that occurs on the globe-even if many of beggars are gangs, and do pretty well.

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