Diplomacy: Hillary, Please Stop being “Hellery” on Thailand

Is this American cat called Hillery or Hellery?

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Hillery, the US Secretary of State, just bloged that, “A Pillar of US Foreign Policy is Development.”

Then, about an hour later, bloged again that, “Please tell me what the US foreign policy should be.”

The Thai have a very good word and that is “Do not slap me in the head and then pat me in the back.”

Everyone who is fighting for Democracy and human rights globally, is about just as sick as they can be at Hillary’s “Hellish” attitude towards democracy and freedon, that they are just about to throw up at just hearing the name Hillary.

So please, someone who have read this blog and have some net-work into the White House, please tell Hillery to get her mental situation back in order.

Because if she is really interested in anyone’s opinion, stop telling them what that something should be.

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