Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia wants Blue Diamond Back: Thaksin Helping

This Siamese cat name Taksin knows how to rock and roll

By Pooky, this blog economics journalist

About 30 years ago, a Thai working at the Saudi Arabia palace stole a very big bag full of diamond, including a very precious and precious “Blue Diamond” that is greatly loved by the Saudi Arabian Royalty, and returned to Thailand.

That Thai guy was so rich but stupid, he did not know what to do with the diamonds, so he decorated his jacket with hundreds of those diamonds and went around Bangkok. Most people who saw it just laughed at the guy.

But the guy was smart enough to go the jewelers and sold the diamonds. But just by looking at the guy,the jeweler knew they were stolen, but bought it anyway. Well the Thai police off course got on the case and went arresting lots of people involved.

What happened after that is very much anyone’s guess, but a whole bunch of recovered diamonds got stolen, and the rumor is that some of them now lies in very high places in Thailand. Well off course again this is Thailand, and who dared goes after those very high-ranking police who invested the case.

But back then, the Middle East was booming with constructions and literally speaking thousands and thousands of Thais were working in Saudi Arabia, and with Saudi Aribia severing diplomatic link to Thailand as a result of that single one Thai thief, and because the Thai police was showing no results-Sadi Arabia sent all those workers back to Thailand.

So the pressure was on and some very senior Thai police felt the heat and were caught and charged with all sorts of things like even murdering people involved in the case to cut the link back to them.

But the Blue Diamond was never found-or if you believe the rumors, it is in the hands of people who the Thai laws does not reach into. All of that was years ago.

Fast forward, to this year, Taksin the former Thai prime minister kicked out by the coup of 2006 that is propping up the current government of Abhisit, that have been obsessed in going after Taksin globally, decided to build Thai Middle East relations, since Tasin is all over the place in the Middle East all the time.

So Abhisit told the Thai police to re-open all the cases involving Saudi Arabia, and well this is Thailand and the police does what politicians tells them to do, and went investigating other cases as well-all trying to get the Saudi Arabian palace to love Thailand all over again.

All of that accumulated in Abhisit going to the Middle East and the Thai Foreign Minister went to the Middle East and the Thai Embassies in the Middle East went throwing parties all the time.

Well, the Saudi Arabian knows that when it comes to Thais, everything is about negotiations and political bargaining, so basically, after the Thai police solved some cases, told the Thai government, “Normal relations can only return when the Blue Diamond is returned.

Meanwhile, backing up the Saudi Aribian government negotiation place with Abhisit, is off course Taksin.

The latest un-confirmed report, leaked out to scare Abhisit into coughing up the Blue Diamond, is that Taksin and Saudi Arabian interest, are planning something like a US$40 billion investment in a new Saudi Arabian city, where Taksin is the project manager and getting 20% of the company.

“I plan to use Thai construction company and Thai labor for the new city and now it is up to the Thai government to mend the relationship so that Thais can benefit from Thai-Saudi Arabia relation,” said Taksin.

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