Red Shirts Focus: Miss Red Shirt Universe Contest a “Go” on Facebook

Red Shirt Siamese cats rock as usual

By Frank, this blog political journalist

The Red Shirt, a political alliance for change in Thailand, is holding a contest for “Miss Red Shirt Universe” on Facebook.

A great many, extremely beautiful and sexy, Red Shirt women have joined the contest, through posting their pictures for Facebook members to vote for.

The voting is going in fast. And there is a great deal of comments going on.

What is surprising is that women globally are entering the contest, as the contest says, it is Red Shirt, so apparently a lot of women Red Shirt globally with some wearing their national costume for the contest.

There are Red Shirt clubs and organizations, popping-up globally, and they are getting very active in their support of Red Shirt activities in Thailand.

In a recent election for an MP, in a province dominated by the government through local administration officials, Red Shirt US sent 5 representatives to help in the election.

They bought to Thailand, what goes on in close elections in America, and that is door to door visits. And that is actually what the Red Shirt USA did in that province, in going door to door to meet voters.

That election saw the Red Shirt win by only 1,000 votes-so obviously, just that 5 people from red Shirt USA, going to knock on doors, probably helped a great deal.

The formal political arm of the Red Shirt, or Pury Thai Party just lost an election today-but there was little hope in the first place. But if you are hurt, check out Krungthep Turakij today on the second page, because there is the latest poll that said more Thai will still vote for Puey Thai than the Democrat Party.

And if you still feel bad about today lost, the poll asked Thais who will they not vote for and about 20% said Democrats and only about 5% said Puey Thai.

So, basically, it is Sunday and your attention should be at some great looking woman at the Miss Red Shirt Universe contest, if you are a guy. And if you are a women, go ahead joined the contest. red Shirt guys are a funny bunch, in that they look beyond the appearances also.

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