Politics: Democrat Party Icon & Thaksin in Agreement that Abhisit’s a low skilled prime minister

My humble respect to Pichai of the Siamese cat Democrat party for being brave and frank

Blog Note: This blog would like to say thank you to both Thai Rath and Matichon to being cutting edge-the likes that Thai Intel is having to take a back seat.

By Frank this blog political journalist

When a key and icon of the Democrat Party of Abhisit and Taksin agrees on something, that something is is pretty much written in stone.

Well, Pichai Rattakul, the icon of the Democrat Party, said through a very cutting edge Matichon Weekly Magazine interview that the problem with Abhisit, is in Abhisit’s failure to put the right people on the right job.

“The reason Abhisit does not put the right person on the right job, is because he does not know how to utilize people’s skill,” said Pichai.

And if you look at it, Pichai has a good point. Abhisit put the crazed-out Kasit at the all important Thai Foreign Minister position. Then put Korbsak, a killer at implementation as a strategic leader on Thai economics. Then froze Trilong, the economist that is a killer at building team work out of cementing the Thai economic drive. Then put the idiotic, what is his name guy, as the his personal PR man. The list goes on and on.

Then you have Taksin, who has been saying the same thing for a long time now, that the problem with the Thai government is that everyone does their own thing, with little cohesive direction.

“You need very high emotional quotient to be able to manage a team,” said Taksin, referring to Abhisit’s management capabilities.

And if you look at it, Taksin also has a good point just like Pichai says. The entire Thai government, down to every ministry has been competing with each other and very guarded that everyone else does not grab the spotlight with voters. Take Porntiwa, Thailand’s capable’s Ministry of Commerce head-like just go back and check what she had to live with, as far as being scuttled at anything that will produce results-is concerned.

One academic at the Rajaphat University said it pretty plainly, in Matichon newspaper today, that all Abhisit does is “Dudjarit,” a Thai word meaning what many new to the trade Thai lady-boys does in trying to be girls-if you are lost here, it is like a total fake and exaggeration that sickens people.

What Pichai and Taksin seems to be indicating is that Abhisit is taking the Democrat Party down the old road in Thailand that says, “The problem with Thailand, is that the Democrat Party are killers at politics, but horrible at management. But other parties competing with the Democrats are killers at management, but horrible at politics.”

If you wonder of the wider implication of Abhisit’s failure to think in-terms of team work, the implication is this-just look at Thailand during the past year of Abhisit’s management-and ask yourself if the Thais have splintered more and more into opposing fractions or has Thailand shown any any indication at all in becoming a united country?

As Thai Rath, the mass circulated daily said, “Abhisit is positioning himself as the good clean guy, his coalition parties are positioning themselves as the capable who wants appeasement in Thailand, and Taksin is positioning himself as the forces of Democracy and Social-Justice.”

Even the all pro-Abhisit of the Matichon daily, main columnist, said in total disgust of it all, “There is a great deal of blame going on in Thailand and you obviously can blame everyone, but the fact is that Abhisit is the prime minister who is running the country and is responsible for everything. But so far, Abhisit is trying hard for the Democrat party to win, but not Thailand as a whole.”

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