Globalization: The Future of America & How Rand Corporation Got it Back-Wards

My humble respect to Ayn for having done so much, but the future is brutal to every great person of the past

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

I know Pooky, this blog economics journalist will not agree with me on this.

But Ayn Rand, the founder of the icon of the capitalist system in America, Rand Corporation, says the problems with the American economic system, is government intervention in businesses that results in distortion in the free market forces.

OK, Greenspan and Carter did distorted the both the interest rate policy and housing market-that lead to the property bubble in the US bursting-I accept that.

But why did Greenspan and Carter failed-beneath it all.

Fundamentally, Ayn Rand got it very wrong in blaming Obama and Hillary now for a variety of bending the free market force-like in the health and media industry situation in US.

If Ayn Rand really believes that the free market force or free exchange is the foundation for advancement, that free market force must also exists in politics. This obviously, mean Democracy and Liberty, must be the single most important principle, guiding both American politics and business.

Unfortunately, this is what “Classical Liberals” all over the globe have called, but with very few around the world that have been able to deliver-and especially America who should know about the most.

The fundamental fact is that is that both the Republicans and the Democrats in the US, are dragging down America’s commitment to Democracy and Liberty in politics, not just in America, but globally as well.

Is there really any doubt that the Republicans and the Democrats control American politics, exclusively? Yes, America is one of the most Democratic country in the world, with a great deal of liberty.

But is that enough?

The problem in America is that it is clearly not enough, because American really have no other choice, but only the presidential candidates that are given to them to vote for, by the two parties. OK, I many be exaggerating, but really, give me a break-in about the 200 hundred years since America have been in existence, like why is America in such a mess. Like it goes like this-Republicans screw up, Democrats clean up the mess; and when the Democrats screw up, the Republicans clean up the mess-everyone feels good off course, but why do the mess keeps coming up.

What America needs, is not just campaign reform, but a new vision of America’s Democratic process and a great infusion of liberty back into the system.

The founding fathers of America, did not just lay down a very advance political system for its time for those principles to just stay there and stay there as it is. The real spirit of the founding fathers of America, is for keeping the political system at the cutting-edge.

I just want to point out to the Rand Corporation, that instead of always just coming out to protect the capitalist system by calling for less government intervention in businesses, maybe the capitalist system can better be served by the Rand Corporation, if a call is made to get the American political system-to get back at the cutting edge level again.

So to say it simply, right now, the American political system, can not support the capitalist system. Fix the political system, and the capitalist system will be fixed.

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