Justice: Vice in Thailand is about the “Addictions to Altered Sate”

My ID says I am from the vice promotion board

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Now I may be wrong, but according to figures looks like Thailand is in the global top five in drinking, smoking and whoring. Then who will argue that gambling is also very big with the Thais. Then illegal drug is also all over the place.

Like how many Thais take how many billions all the way to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Cambodia for gambling? And on-line and off-line sports gambling?

In fact, apart from the Thai being addicted to all that vice, I may also be wrong again, but are not foreigners in the millions globally comes to Thailand to enjoy cheap smoke, cheap drink and cheap women, with many also for cheap illegal drugs like the famous “Thai Stick.”

Then if you add other vice, like corruption-like is not Thailand again in the top five worse globally? And what about the concept of “Kick” or quick un-attached sex, mistresses everywhere-all the way to other things like white lies everywhere?

So why are vice, like smoking, drinking, whoring, gambling, and corruption-so ingrained in the Thai culture, since this is a Buddhist country for centuries now, and Buddha teaches very strongly against vice? Like even Buddhist monk complain that Buddhist trinkets are bought and sold like a commodity on the stock market.

And stock market wise, why do so many retail investors play the stock market with such a short term view, in and out every half and hour and such, many Thais calls them gamblers-like there is even gambling going on where the Thai stock market will be at, every morning market closing and afternoon closing?

No, I am not trying to overwhelm anyone and say it is useless to stop the automatic lottery because it it will not make a dent in the level of vice in Thailand-like the outraged Thais who are against making condoms available to kids because it will increase their sexual activities.

The real problem in Thailand, when it comes to vice, is off course much more deeply ingrained, than can be solved by banning drinking and smoking advertisement, banning condoms from schools, and banning gambling.

As always, when massive numbers of people turn to vice of all sort on massive scale, it indicates a people who are deeply troubled are seeking a way out of their “Un-happy” condition-and to seek happiness in a different reality.

Like suicide rate in Thailand has doubled, record numbers of Thais are seeking psychological help, and mind altering legal drugs like anti-depressants are the top selling legal drugs in Thailand.

So why are so many Thais seeking a way out of their condition-to go an seek a time in an “Altered State?”

The fundamental answer is that Thailand has long been a failed state.

Matichon, a mass circulated daily said it plainly and laid out the rationals of Abhisit’s decision to can the automatic lottery very well, in saying, “Those very high up in Thailand gave Abhisit the order to stop it because those high up does not want Thailand’s society morale to deteriorate to crisis level.”

The problem, is that it is precisely because there are these types of “Outside Constitutional Powers” that dictates what goes on in Thailand, that is causing the Thai society a great deal of fundamental problems-like preventing the Thais to grow up and be responsible for their own actions.

In more advance countries, where vice, prosperity and morals co-exists without tearing the society apart-the story goes like this, “A father yells at his young kid, stop being a child; and the kid yells back to the father, stop treating me like a child.”

But like Kiti, of the the Thai government child protection says, “It is because of globalism that is causing young Thais to get involved with early sex, prostitution, drugs, and swinging.”

Hopeless? You make the call.

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