Journalism: Bangkok Post & Nation News are Boring Crap to the Max

Post and Nation puts me to sleep

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

If judging by Bangkok Post and the Nation, the two leading pro-Amart or class system media in Thailand, the Amart is on its last leg of existence-and it is not because of the Red Shirt, but just simply because the “Sanuck” or fun loving Thais, are getting really bored.

Last year, Bangkok Post lost 20% of its readers and the Nation has given up being a political paper and calls itself a business newspaper. Bottom-line wise, both are also doing as poorly and kept going by only advertisement that are reaching fewer and fewer people.

Cyber-world wise, practically everyone is really “Sanuck” with ridiculing the Bangkok Post and the Nation-as better fit for an “Ancient” Thailand.

“Traditional media is already on the way out and for them to add on-top of that condition with being not-modern in their thinking, it is just simply too boring to be bothered with,” said a TNN cable TV news commentator.

To correlate those profound fall by the two leading Thailand’s English language newspapers to a failure of its political coverage to keep up with the times, meaning a Thai society that is just more interested in Democracy and social-justice, is difficult.

But what ever is causing the fall, the fall is occurring as the liberal Red Shirt media have exploded in numbers last year.

Take Google search for example, as both the Bangkok Post and the Nation censors out news about Taksin and the Red Shirt to the minimum, Google reports that in Thailand, the word UDD or the official name of the Red Shirt, was the 9th place and was the only political related word that made the top ten list.

All across the cyber world, websites that are liberal leaning have been cleaning up with record-breaking number of hits. Take one liberal blog with a specific mission like FACT of Freedom Against Censorship for example, it gets 3,000 hits a day. Thai E-News, a more general coverage with only one or two new article addition a day,  gets about 20,000 hits a day.

Thailand Political Prisoner, Absolutely Bangkok, Liberal Thai, Bangkok Pundit, Thailand Jumped the Shark-all are getting thousands a hit a day.

On the news stand, the only Thai newspaper that is selling to any significant amount are Thai Rath and Khao Sod-both are not liberals, but are classified as neutral. The rest hardly moves at all. And right there, on the newsstand, are about 10 Red Shirt oriented print media. “Voice of Taksin” for examples sells so well, it now boast that its sales numbers match any political weekly.

All public television news, which is a purer form or propaganda than the Bangkok Post or the Nation, are seeing their ratings falling to the point that the news is keeping politics at the minimum and are injecting the news with lots and lots of gibberish. Meanwhile, Red Shirt cable TV, cramped with liberal news and cometary are exploding all over the place, and it is getting very common to see Red Shirt related satellite dish up-country.

The only last bestowal of Amart media, that have not fallen, is the manager website that continues to get about 100,000 hits a day. The Liberal Thai blog, told Australian that the site is remarkable in its ability to maintain its audience base. Yet all of Manager print business is down substantially.

While in the past, when any media in the Manager Group breaks a major story, all other media would scrambles to cover report on them, these days no other media pays much attention to anything the Manager runs.

By the way, your favorite being Thai Intelligent news gets only about 300 hits a day, mainly because as Thailand Political Prisoner says, Thai Intelligent is odd and weird. But then we have more fun here at Thai Intelligent, being not just odd and weird, but real wild and crazy, than any other media in Thailand, class system or liberal.

Like we say, we may be Americans here, but our priority is like the Thais-in that we like Sanuk-but yes, Thai Intelligent writes for people who are many many standard deviation away from the norm.

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