Economics: 2) All Words & Agreements in Thailand can be broken without a blink

The ID says I like to axe the Democrat Party

by Pooky, this blog economics journalist

If it is only this lottery case, it probably does not mean much. But it is not just this case!

The problem is that there is a track record with Democrat Party led governments, of past and present, that have reversed its given words-that is also inked in contacts.

No, we are not talking about vague words given for political reasons this and that. But actual words and contracts that are supposed to ink agreement with the Thai government officially.

Automated Lottery Axed:

“This is just another case that is causing concern globally about the credibility of the Thai government words and contracts,” said the US partner of the Thai automatic lottery issuer, Loxley, to US media-where the US partner is a US stock market listed firm.

The troubled track record with the Democrat Party led governments in keeping their words and contracts is about as long as the long tail of an unstable kite.

Foreign Companies Agreement Axed:

It started some 30 years ago.

A government from the current party of the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, wrangled away a mass transit system belonging to a Japanese company to a Thai company that left the Japanese CEO in the hospital with a mental crisis and a heart problem.

The Japanese government and press just got so freaked out by the way a Japanese company was treated, investments from Japan to Thailand took years to re-recuperate.

As the Thai press like the Bangkok Post and the Nation, went celebrating Thailand’s victory and ridiculing the poor Japanese executive as “Gone Crazy,” even back then many senior business people said problems loom.

Then things never really improved.

A few years ago, the Democrat Party governor of Bangkok put into effect a contract with a foreign firm selling emergency vehicles to the city. But then when all sort of questions came up, all of a sudden, the Democrat Party governor told the legal department, “Find a way to nullify the contract.”

Thai Companies Agreement Axed:

Even Thai companies gets zap the same way those foreign firm got zapped.

Like a Thai tollways system company that up its prices according to contract. But guess what, the current Thai government said to the government legal department, “Find a way to nullify the contract.”

And guess what? With the lottery machine reversal, the current Thai government said to the legal department again, “Find a way to nullify the contract.”

Cambodia Agreement Axed:

In Thailand’s spat with Cambodia, the current Thai government said, “We have the right to walk away from the Thai Cambodian agreement.”

Well the Thai Cambodian contract gave no one the right to walk away, but guess what? The Thai government went and invoked some one hundred years old global level agreement, and said that agreement gave it the right to nullify the Thai Cambodian contract.

If you think you can win with the Thai government when it comes to keeping the words and written agreement, think again. There is no wining with the Thai government.

Even with the World Court giving Cambodia the rights to an ancient Khmer relic, the current Thai government now says the relics belongs to Thailand.

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