Journalism: Abhisit’s TV Thing for a More “Closeness” with Thais

Abhisit a shy guy? You got to think I am a fool

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Well, it is the one year anniversary of Abhisit’s Sunday meet the Thais TV thing.

God, talk about playing Thais for fools, get this, the Thai prime minister, Abhisit says he finds it difficult to go on his Sunday TV program and talk solo for about an hour. “I shy away from the spotlight on me,” said Abhisit.

Well, for those of you who think Thai Intelligent is not fair and just on Abhisit, think again.

Because Abhisit is dubbed “The podium master,” by most of the Thai press. That is because many Thais have been complaining that Abhisit like giving speeches at opening ceremony of this and that conference so much, it saps his attention and time away from actually doing what he talks about at the all the podiums.

Well if you think someone who loves public speaking so much can be shy and feel lonely on TV talking, is kind of silly, on the first year anniversary of the government in office, Abhisit then again took total control and spoke alone for about three hours telling the audience with TV live broadcast and all, how great he is.

Overall, however, if you actually went to do research on the ratings of Abhisit’s live broadcast, the rating is so low and have been dropping all year, you got to wonder if his behind the scene team, namely Sathit of the prime minister office, have noticed that sinking rating or not, and if Sathit notices it, what is the solution.

Apparently, Sathit has noticed it, and is readjusting the Sunday TV program to increase the “Abhisit interaction with the Thais.”

Media pundit says it is an attempt to install a sense of “Closeness” between Abhisit and the Thais. Well that sounds great, because Abhisit is from the Amart class who rules Thailand as part of the upper-crust and what better to tear that reality apart, than with a fake reality that he is of the people and for the people.

The problem, some media expert says, is that the fake reality will be running straight into another reality, in that where ever Abhisit goes in Thailand, except for in Southern Thailand, where the Thais down there throw themselves on the floor and “Wai” Abhisit feet as he walks pass, in every other part of Thailand, the Red Shirt goes out in droves to protest his every appearances.

“I think Abhisit is making up for the rejection he feels when he leaves Bangkok, for the comfort of the closeness at the TV studios. It really is not fair that he is treated this way by the Red Shirt, but the Yellow Shirt did the same to Taksin when he was in power, and so what goes around comes around,” said Nung, on a Thai TV today.

But for Taksin, with his Sunday meet the Thais program when he was the prime minister, the rating were always strong. Nung said maybe instead of closeness with the Thais as the new focus, Abhisit should copy Taksin’s abilities in coming out with lots of surprises in his TV program.

“The bottom line as far as my opinion is concerned, is that Abhisit is boring and predictable, but Taksin is always so unpredictable and exciting to follow,” said Nung.

“You don’t feel close to Taksin, but you feel engulfed, involved and engaged by him. That is what Abhisit should try to do, instead of this fake warm feeling he is trying to build. If he insistes on the warm feeling trend, the rating will keep tanking as more and more people fall to sleep when he goes on TV,” said Nung.

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