Red Shirts Focus: A Red Shirt Spirit Shines, Win or Loose

Stupid Amart, thinks it can stop the globe from turning and clock from running

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Sure, ask any Red Shirt and they will say they are fighting for Democracy, Social-Justice and to govern Thailand with those principles-preferably with Taksin at the helm. But then if you ask them about actually “Winning” the fight, you are going to start getting lots and lots of different answers.

If you keep tabs of “Pantip’s Rajdumnuern Room” you will see so many Red Shirt going about answering this question-in all sort of ways. Pantip is where a group of staunch Red Shirt call home, and so it gets lots and lots of invasion from the Yellow Shirt, Amart, and Abhisit crazies posting “Ridicule” messages that the Red Shirt has failed and will never succeed.

My favorite answer, from a Red Shirt name Jump, and he said went like: “OK, I accept defeat. Anything you say and anything you do is OK with me. Go ahead run Thailand for another thousand years.”

Well, if you have spent time with the Red Shirt, you will understand that is not being “A Smart Ass” but it is a “Real Dare” for the Yellow Shirt, Amart and Abhisit, to rule Thailand as long as they want.

So why is that?

Well, first off, I may be wrong, but I think many Red Shirt simply know that they are on the right side of the Thai equation and have been fighting for so long,  this “Being Right” has “Totally Ingrained” into their psyche. Like many Red Shirt like Jump, they really don’t care if they win or lose the outside battle-meaning the battle for Thailand. I think people like Jump have come to terms with themselves in knowing that they have “Won the Battle” with what they are.

Think about it this way, the amount of hype and social pressure, to be extreme Nationalistic and extreme Royalist, are just so great in Thailand these days. Then everyone, Red Shirt or Yellow Shirt, needs the economy to do well-and yet to people like Jump, they have come to the point in life that “Democracy and Social-Justice” is what defines their philosophy and thus, gets their priority.

Then it is also about the battle for Thailand itself. If you know some of these Red Shirt, they have been fighting now ever since the 2006 coup-with also deep roots when Taksin was the Thai prime minister when there was also a major battle going on. And yet, “These Red Shirt Fight On.” And if you think about the incidents Prem’s house, where the Red Shirt was beaten up pretty badly, but the Red Shirt are “Still at It” it says something.

Why are they saying?

Clearly, for people with such long-term struggle who has seen a great deal of prosecution, the fight is long-term. This means there can be another “Ten last Battle” like in the next few months, but the Red Shirt will be back and keep fighting on. So the bottom line here, is that there is this massive and deep momentum running through the Red Shirt blood that will keep it going for a very long time.

So just think, if you know you are committed to something personally, and you know you will keep fighting for that commitment long into the future-does what that is occurring that block the path, a major obstacle?

My thinking is, the Red Shirt actually have no problem if the Amart keeps running Thailand, because it does not matter much with the “Certain” eventuality of Thailand becoming a more liberal state and the Amart looses fashion and its grip.

Yes, we can have a long argument here, why the Amart rule of Thailand is not sustainable in the medium to long-term-and we can totally discount the Red Shirt out of the equation. But the problem for the Amart, fundamentally, is that the globe is moving against them. It is just impossible to have a small ruling class running the country these days-and even more so in the future.

The bottom line is that time is on the Red Shirt side. Many like Jump, have already won the battle-as far as they are concerned in that they personally have changed for the better and on the side of the right. To many Red Shirt, the actual winning the battle for Thailand, is 100% assured and it is only a matter of time.

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