Politics: Iconic Yellow Shirt, Chermsak & What to do with Millions of Traitors to Thailand?

This Siamese still lives in the trees

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Thailand Political Prisoner blog, has a very cutting edge analysis of the latest move by the Yellow Shirt icon, Chermsak. Well Chermsak is as ignorant as they come and does not really deserve attention.

But then, apparently Prem, the very powerful guy who is the icon of the Thai class system, likes Chermsak’s latest writings very much, he told a lot of people to read it. Thailand Political Prisoner did a great job identifying what is really what in the Chermsak article.

So this blog wil not repeat it here. But if you want to see a Thai who is still living on trees and constantly munching on banana is like, check out Thailand Political prisoner-because for most on the liberated side of the Thai equation, Chermsak’s writings can be pretty much predicted-and we stress, there is nothing in his writings that indicates, again, that Chermsak has come down from the trees.

But then there is Prem’s strong recommendation and so we had to write about it-as much as we think Chermsak is not worth thinking about.

Chermsak basically says that any Thai, that does not follow the Amart rule of Thailand, is basically a traitor of Thailand. Well, most traitors in countries around the world, like spies, are pretty much thrown in jail and forgotten about or are just executed.

The problem for Chermsak and Prem, is that there are literally millions and millions of Thais, who under Chermsak and Prem’s definitions, are traitors of Thailand.

I know asking Chermsak and Prem to pick up a dictionary and actually try to classify these millions and millions of traitors, into a classification that fit what they are, is too much. But the dictionary will not call millions and milions of people who reject the rule of the few above them as “Traitors.”

But the dictionary says these are “Freedom Fighters.” And as you know, the word “Thai” means “Free” and so actually, the millions and millions who fight against the Amart rule, are actually “Very Thai.”

But funny as it is, for Chermsak and Prem, to see millions of their own countrymen as traitors-since even the US when millions protested the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, not a single one American came out to say those protesting were traitors-but this is Thailand and a developing country.

Thailand Political Prisoner sort of let the article go in the end-in that it only skirted on the issue of what will the Amart do with these millions and millions of traitors. And if Chermsak is right in his analysis of the level of protest these anti-Amart millions will do, something is going to happen-precisely because they are seen as traitors.

That something that will happen will be “Major.” And this blog suspect that Cambodia’s offer to house Thais escaping Thai prosecution, will be accepted by a lot of Thais. And we are talking about a mass exodus here to freedom in Cambodia.

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