Thai Culture: Thailand’s Quagmire Equation of Amart “Great”, Democracy “Sucks”, Thais “Stupid” & Peace “No Way”

Maybe my Siamese government is right-in that Thais are stupid

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

So there you go, the Thai government came out to say it plainly in the mass circulated daily, Matichon, that “Amart is a good thing that have done great things for Thailand in the past and so will be protected.”

Amart as you know, is simply the net-work of upper crust Thais that rule Thailand and afraid Democracy will take their power away. So to be pro Amart, is anti-Democracy. Pretty much like the pro-Amart Yellow Shirt, who says Democracy is wrong because it gives stupid people the right to vote.

And as ridiculous as it may sound, the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, was quoted in the voice of the class system, Bangkok Post, that violence will not succeed in Thailand-meaning the Thais are a stupid bunch to have already forgotten how the Yellow Shirt violence “Successfully” got rid of Taksin in Thailand with the military help that is propping up Abhisit.

So basically, violence is successful, when it is used to bring about an Amart government. But as Abhisit says, violence that brings about Democracy and social justice, will not be successful. So basically, Thais are stupid, in the eyes of Abhisit, who will believe anything and forget anything.

In fact, if you remember, Abhisit and all the leaders of the Democrat Party, went to give support to the Yellow Shirt “Illegal” occupation of the government house and Kasit, Thailand’s foreign minister, went to stop the operation of Thailand’s main airport.

So all in all, the government has just said, “Amart is great, Democracy sucks and the Thais stupid.”

Then on peace, Abhisit said the following in the mass circulated daily, Thai Rath, “I want peace and is open to negotiation,” says Abhisit, trying to ride the peace train “Head Lines.”

But then in detail said, a general pardon of everyone, Red Shirt or Yellow Shirt or Taksin, are all out of the question. “Taksin must serve jail time,” says Abhisit.

Well the general pardon is an attempt to forget the past and start all over “Fresh” with an election and a constitution that is accepted by all. But then to say “No” to all of that, is just like saying, “I want peace to help the Amart rule Thailand, but not peace for Thailand as a whole.”

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