Thaksin Focus: What Does “Getting Rid” of Thaksin Mean by the Thai Government? Assassination?

My humble hope that Taksin keeps on living

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Well by now, if you follow Thailand, you probably have a copy of the strategy paper drawn up by the Thai foreign minister to the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, that spells out all sorts of scenarios, strategies and plots.

Clearly stated in that letter is that Taksin is a “Major Threat” to the Abhisit’s government and that Taksin must be “Gotten Rid Off.”

Taksin and the Red Shirt sees that as an “Assassination of Taksin” while the government says this and that, but never really said what it means.

  • So perhaps, it is to try to bring Taksin to Thai jail, but then, how wold that “Get Rid of Taksin” since he will be in Thailand, in jail, and the Red Shirt will likely go ballistic.
  • Then perhaps, it is keeping Taksin out of Thailand, but then again Taksin already out of Thailand and active as ever, so where is the “Get Rid of Taksin” in keeping Taksin out of Thailand.
  • Then perhaps, it is taking Taksin’s billions away, so that Taksin will have no money to carry on his activity. But then Taksin has a great deal of money outside Thailand, so where is the “Get Rid of Taksin” in that.

What does the Thai government mean by getting rid of Taksin?

Well you decide for yourself.

This blog just want to add that Taksin had been the target of three assignation attempts in Thailand, and Thai Intelligent News is the only blog that have a series of article, since before Taksin went to Cambodia and followed his trip there, in which our article talks about the threat to Taksin’s life, while in Cambodia.

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