Thai Culture: 1) Thais are wonderful in general just watch out for their “Bad Side”

I also have two sides

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

We want to be a little kind to Abhisit, because after all, the government is really also about the people they govern-no matte if they are being propped up by the military or not.

Thais have a great deal of great character and personality that I like very much. But unfortunately, the old saying that the best of people comes out at the worse of times does not apply to the Thais.

  • In Thailand, the worse the situation gets, they worse the Thais gets.

And clearly, these are perhaps one of the worse times in Thailand’s history, but for the Red Shirt, who are trying to fix Thailand, to a certain extent, there appears to be very little interest in the society at large to address the situation. I went and did some research to see what is the other side of the Thais-or as they say every coin has two sides and so I wanted to see what is wrong with the Thai people.

  • Thai Rath, the mass circulated neutral daily, and Matichon, the reactionary newspaper, both ran stories not too long ago as to the character of the Thai people.

Thai Rath quoted poll that said that about 50% of Thais thinks this crisis is worse than the Asian Financial Crises of years ago and that about 20% saw their salary cuts or laid off.

  • However, Thai Rath quoted Eye On Asia that said 92% of Thais attempt to maintain an image of high class, despite their circumstances. Eye On Asia also found that 71% of Thais are happy with their current circumstances, while in Asia as a whole it is at 61%.

“These polls and research indicates, the more stress out we Thais become, the more shopping of expensive goods for our status we do, in trying to keep ourselves happy,” said Thai Rath.

Obviously, that basic premise from what Thai Rath says, tells you a great deal of the Thais, particularly about their ability to be responsible-like who will go shopping when they have no money in their pocket and have to borrow. And to find so much solution in materialism to their life’s crisis, that is about as shallow as it gets.

The 70% happiness is also a goon news, that the Thais can take so much and still be happy. But since Thailand is perhaps the worse in Asia at this time, it also could indicate that they they are willing to live with anything-and that is clearly negative.

Then at Matichon also launched into a blistering attack of the Thai people as a character. Matichon listed:

  • “Client System” or acceptance of inequality.
  • “Corruption” or the acceptance that corruption is a part of normal life.
  • “Crony” or the patronage system.
  • “Collusion” or a system where everyone tries to be at the top.
  • “Complacency” or non acceptance of outside the norm behavior.
  • “cosmetic” or the addiction to being a big shot no matter the cost.
  • “Cynical” or the lack of direct and frank talk but objection levied in quiet protest.
  • “Cajolery” or the lack of search for deeper meaning but a focus on the projected picture.

All of the above Matichon said are Thai characters.

“A part of the reason of the failed political system, is all of us Thais fault that Thailand is in such a state,” said Matichon.

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