Politics: An Assesment of Abhisit’s One Year in Office

The ID says I am from the bull shit busting unit

by Frank, this blog political journalist

According to latest reports on what Abhisit is expected to say in his major speech on the government’s one year in office, we just want to give our readers a “Reality” check. Do not expect to see this type of a straight assessment anywhere in Thailand, especially the Thai media. Most independent, Red Shirt oriented, and liberal blogs in Thailand might be running similar assessments.

Expected Abhisit Statement: The government has succeeded in economic management, given the global economic circumstances.

Reality Check: Independent data says Thailand ranks as the lowest performing ASEAN economy in the last year, and is projected to be the same next year.

Expected Abhisit Statement: The corruption problem is being managed and corrected.

Reality Check: Independent data says Thailand now ranks as more corrupt than during the Taksin rule and investigations into corruptions have all but stopped when it leads to government officials.

Expected Abhisit Statement: The situation in the Deep South is getting better.

Reality Check: Independent statistics says 2009 is worse than 2008.

Expected Abhisit Statement: Thailand’s political situation has improved.

Reality Check: Several independent data ranks Thailand as getting worse in country risk.

Expected Abhisit Statement: Thailand’s highest institution has been safeguarded.

Reality Check: All major human rights organizations have criticized Thailand human rights record.

Expected Abhisit Statement: Thailand’s position in the global community has been strengthened, as the ASEAN meet indicates.

Reality Check: The majority of ASEAN leaders did not attend the Abhisit chaired and traditional opening ceremony.

Expected Abhisit Statement: Thailand’s society at large is a better place.

Reality Check: Independent data says crime, drugs, mental health problems have gone up in 2009, and the gap between the rich and poor is at record breaking high.

Expected Abhisit Statement: Therefore, overall the government has done a good job.

Reality Check: Bull Shit!

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