Thai Culture: 2) The “Filth in Thailand” & how the Yellow Shirt got started

Taksin gets rolled over by balls of filth

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Well, call me addicted to “Thailand Filth” if you must.

But the following story is what most “Thailand Insiders” knows, and I am not telling you anything new. But poor us foreigners that we are always kept outside of the loop. So I decided to report the following, and if you think it I am making it up, so be it.

Taksin’s close friend Surakiet is gay and for a long time he kept it from his wife. But one day, his wife walked into the house, and found her husband in bed with another guy. She was so saddened, she want into a remote temple to get away from it all. There, she cried every day and suffered greatly.

The problem is that Surakiet’s wife, is the niece of someone very powerful in Thailand and so she clearly had potentials to get great things done.

Well guess what, Sondhit, saw it and went for it. So Sondhi visited the temple and started to comfort Surakiet’s wife. Well, if you know Shondhi, he is one of the master in Thailand when it comes to women. And so not too long they became lovers.

Too bad for Taksin, because by this time, Taksin and Sondhi, who were the best of friends and ally have seen their relation gone sour, due to Taksin’s rejection of Sondhi’s request to run a Thai television channel.

So with Sorakiet’s wife’s relationship solidified, Sondhi used that relationship to get support from that very powerful person.

But by this time, Taksin also fell out of favor with that very powerful person, because Taksin’s running of Thailand, had greatly hurt the circle of people around that powerful person, and namely this is about the flow of corrupt money to those who surrounds that powerful person in Thailand-that they had always got a big chunk of-but with Taksin, it dried up.

So one day, as Surakiet’s wife went talking to her aunt, the powerful person, about helping Sondhi build up his Yellow Shirt Empire, and about the same time, those inner circle people who was angry of Taksin about the flow of corruption and so was telling the powerful person about Taksin also-both of that meant Taksin was out of favor and the Yellow Shirt got it start to get rid of Taksin.

“I am going to destroy you,” said the leader of that inner circle people to Taksin in a lobby of a hotel to Taksin, one day not too long after that. To which Taksin was surprised and did not believed such an elderly lady of high social class can openly say that to him, in front of a crowd of people.

The problem is that Surakiet’s was in Taksin cabinet and should know of what Taksin was up to. And so as the Thai courts have been looking into nationalizing Taksin’s billions, Surakiet went to testify to the courts-and pretty much can say everything and it will be believed.

The problem is that in normal judicial proceedings, there are cross examinations to see if those who testified harbors any un-happiness against the accused or not. In this case on Taksin, that is impossible, because the people we are talking about here are real powerful and beyond the reach of the Thai justice system.

The truth is, ever since his wife left him and went all Yellow Shirt, Surakiet was in a very bad way. In Thailand, for a person of Surakiet’s stature, to be call a gay politician in public, is like the end of not only the career but also in high society. In private, in Thailand, nobody cares what a person does.

So the message from the wife was, if you don’t help destroy your old friend, Taksin, I will destroy you.

Surakiat, gay or no gay, meanwhile, is a very fair and just person, with a track record never stabbing his friends in the back. And Surakist, is not only in tight with Taksin, but is very in-tight with many people who are key Taksin supporters that goes way back to the old days.

What he told the courts about Taksin’s actions, are in dispute. Some say he literally assured Taksin will loose his billions. Other said he was the old Surakiat in just saying the truth, and that will get Taksin off the hook.

But then all of the above can not be confirmed or crossed check. It is just a story that those in the Thai high society knows about.

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