Politics: A Pollster “Grilled” by a High Class Red Shirt Supporter

I am from the stupid poll busting unit

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Well I just went downstairs of my condo, to the food court, to have a cup of coffee. No it was not Starbuck or Gloria Coffee, but it was a Thai coffee place, that uses special Thai coffee beans that I like more than the other two places.

I live around Sukhumvit, where all the rich people live where the condo cost about 5 million baht, but no, I am just renting with some girls that are into wild and kinky sex like I am into.

There was a conversation going on, and I listened in, because it was a few of the rich people at the condo talking about politics. Well you can say that I am cooking all this up, but anyway, odd as it is, Mao, who obviously has a great deal of money, was talking about an ABAC poll that came around snooping for opinion around Sukhumvit.

“She asked me what is making me the most happy near the year end, and I said knowing that Taksin was near Thailand,” said Mao, adding right away that the ABAC pollster said, “Are you sure it is Taksin you are talking about?”

Mao said “For Sure.” And all her friends laughted, because the whole gang apparently were Taksin supporters.

Then the next joke, according to Mao story was, what does she think of Abhisit, and Mao said she told the pollster, “The most horrible Thai prime minister there ever was.” And all their friends laughed.

According to Mao, by this time the pollster was pissed off, put down the questioning chart, and said, “Are you sure you are talking about Abhisit?” Mao said, “Yes.”

“But why, the pollster asked.”

“Because he does not know how to do anything.”

Well the pollster was shocked, according to Mao, who told the pollster, “Just write it down what I said.”

And that is the end of this story how an ABAC pollster, went grilling the subject and got pissed off at the response.

I just want to say, that I find it odd, that ABAC would actually come around Sukhumvit to poll, because god knows 99% of the respondents would probably be Abhisit supporters. I just wonder, would ABAC poll goes into the slum of Bangkok or to some remote villages to do their polling.

And this really nasty emotion of the pollster, just goes to confirm to you what Thailand’s most popular blog with foreigners, Bangkok Pundit, did on exposing that Thai pollsters have been politicized.

According to Bangkok Pundit, the way Thai pollster, like ABAC, poses questions in the polling, has a great deal to do with how a typical Thai to respond to the question. So basically, a poll like ABAC, can pretty much manipulate the poll results, by just structuring the questions in this was and that.

Lastly, I have been criticized by Terry, this blog editor, of being too wild and crazy in my stories, and my credibility is suffering.I do not agree with Terry at all, because this blog is proud of the fact that very few people think we are credible.

But he is the editor, so I just want to say, that if you do not believe there can be pockets of Taksin supporters in Sukhumvit, give me an e-mail, and I will introduce to Mao and her group of high society friends.

I see her often at the food court, and she is really a very high class Thai, from head to toe, in the way she dresses, carries herself, and the Feragamo bag she carries.

Why is she a supporter of Taksin? Well I do not know, but if Taksin can identify the reasons, I think it will open up a very effective communication strategy towards reaching more like Mao.

But then too bad for the politicized ABAC poll, because since it is trying so hard to help Abhisit, maybe it should be asking Mao, a totally different type of questions-because surely Abhisit needs to know, what so many of the high class, like the Bangkok 50 group of high society, have joined Taksin.

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