Politics: 3) Thai Peace Talks Deteriorate as Thai junta “Fears” Taksin will Win Election

OK, war confirmed

by Frank, this blog political journalist

The Thai government just held a meeting to discuss Thailand’s peace talk. Among attendant are all the coalition parties.

If you have been following our coverage on Thailand’s peace talk, we reported on Taksin’s condition being the people’s constitution be bought back and an election held.

Not un-expectedly is that the Thai government rejection of the peace talk, since it new constitution that is drawn up by the military represents the interest of the ruling class, upper crust Thais.

However, what is surprising, is that the Thai government would admit, that Taksin wining that election is “Highly Likely.”

This blog find it difficult to report the following, but news reports said that since Taksin will likely win, the government therefore, will not accommodate Taksin’s peace talk condition, but will forge ahead as the government of Thailand.

And as reported earlier, the Thai government now is running a propaganda campaign, saying Taksin is only interested in his interest, and not the country’s interest.

The government now says that all Taksin wants, is to escape jail term and resume power in Thailand-so Taksin can escape seeing his fortune nationalize by Thailand.

As for Thailand’s expected deterioration, with Red Shirt activities, the government said “So Be It.”

Meanwhile, some privy council member, have now said that it is not the duty of the privy council to be the mediator in Thailand, since the privy council is above politics.

“The government is like the jockey, and the military is like the horse. Jockeys comes and go, so the horse should not follow the jockey,” said Prem, the top privy council to the Thai military, before the coup of 2006.

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