Red Shirts Focus: Global Red Shirt to Coordinate through the The French Connection

My ID says I am from the global Red Shirt movement

By Frank, this blog political journalist

With the addition of the French Red Shirt Group, joining Red Shirt Groups in the UK, America, Australia, Japan and Germany, as the latest Global Red Shirt movement, some global Red Shirt leaders, are calling for a coordinated governing body.

The latest Red Shirt club, in France, are staging a Christmas event, free of charged for about 300 people, who will be greeted by a phone-in or a video line, from Thailand, Thai E-News reports.

All other Red Shirt Clubs globally, are also planning similar get together, according to this blog communication with the clubs.

“With the addition of France, the clubs and the Red Shirt Global community is getting quite large and there is a need to coordinate our activities. Europe is quite an easy-travel-connected and the Red Shirts are spread all over, even in Switzerland and the Nordic countries and so we will have to try to have a European red Shirt Congress, to elect a leader for our movement,” said Karn, a Thai restaurant owner in France, to one of the Red Shirt media.

Karn’s call for a Red Shirt global coordination body is not new. Many Red Shirt in Thailand, both official and non-official, have been trying to not only coordinate the Red Shirts in Europe, but also on the global scale.

Potentials, leaders, being floated around, are people like Jai and Jakrapob. However, due to the lese majeste cases against them, which means they can not come to Thailand to attend key Red Shirt meetings, some have than said other leaders may have to take the helm.

Karn said, once the Red Shirt around the globe can be organized and coordinated, its activity will increase.

A few years back, during the coup of 2006 and its subsequent government, Red Shirt globally had been highly active, with many protests around the globe, such as with the protest of Thai embassy, and were coordinating to some extent.

Meanwhile in Thailand, the red Shirt are increasing their consumers boycott campaign, with the launch issue of a new Red Shirt oriented media, clearly spelling out a major consumers boycott campaign. The Red Shirt have identified several Thai businesses with strong links to the Amart oppression of Thailand.

“If we have a leader that can coordinate us globally, we will take the cue from the Red Shirt in Thailand, and start a movement that parallels what is occurring in Thailand,” said Karn.

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