Journalism: Thai media, Thai Rath, running strong & Matichon looses tracktion

My ID says I work for the weird and crazy, Thai Intelligent News blog

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The battle in Thailand media, that the Thais actually pay for to get information, is between Thai Rath and Matichon.

Thai Rath is what the typical and average “Quality” Thai is all about. Matichon, meanwhile, is what a typical and average “Reactionary” Thai is all about.

Both try their best to reach their target market. That target market, is really about the “Flow” of maturity and reactionary, in the Thai people’s mentality, psychology and reasoning.

Therefore, to get a glimpse into this inter-play, it is crucial for any analysis on Thailand, to keep close tabs on the two-and we can not stress how important it is to get the sales data on these two giants of Thai media on a regular basis, along with their reporting.

The poll done by the Thai polling units are, and we stress here, not reliable. The simple and plain fact is that the pols are un-able to get a sampling that represents the Thais, and also that the Thais, when poll, all of the time express what they think is right and proper, and not what they want-or simply stated, they do not tell what they, as an individual, want.

Therefore, if you buy in to all of the above, please read on. If you think we are full of shit, well e-mail Terry because he is always receptive to new ways of looking at things.

But Thai Rath sales, has been extremely brisk and newsstand actually fight to have more Thai Rath to sell. This blog was told, by Thai Rath’s printing manager, that they could print 20% more than what they are, but it will still not be enough.

Thai Rath sales are a secret, but it is in the millions and millions. Matichon sales is a fraction of Thai Rath’s sales.

Meanwhile, Matichon and its reactionary, wagging the dog, sales, have tumbled and it is loosing traction fast. Most newsstand only carry one or two of Matichon now, compared to the hitting the roof stack of Thai Rath. As a parallel indication, Matichon’s Khao Sod sub publication, that goes ballistic reactionary with tabloids type of news, but very mature in its political and tries to mimic Thai Rath’s coverage, is selling about 25% of Thai Rath and has a very strong reputation of being neutral.

Both Thai Rath and Matichon’s coverage of Thailand, in the past few months in Thailand, especially its headlines, can tel very much about what is selling in Thailand.

Thai Rath often criticized Taksin and the Red Shirt, but the under-tone of all of it is an open acknowledgment that it agrees with many things in the Taksin camp-particularly on the double standard issue. Matichon meanwhile, except for corruption, is a very strong propaganda arm for the Abhisit’s government.

Our conclusion is, if our analysis is right, and based on how the two press are doing-there is another picture of how the Thais feels about things. And we will leave you at that to do some research, analysis and following on your own.

As for the rest of the Thai media, both print and TV, all of them are being forced on the Thai people, who have little choice in the matter. Many have following, but these are the type of people who are even more crazy than Thai Intelligent News journalist.

And if you know Thai Intel, we are real crazy as it is already. So like the followers like Bangkok post and Nation, they are real mentally sick people-and don not know it.

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