Globalization: Global Migration & The “I Don’t Care Anymore” Indicator

Many cats do not want to be bother anymore

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Is it not odd at all, how many Brits, Aussie or Americans have come to live in countries like Thailand? And is it not odd at all, that so many Thais want to go and live in countries the UK, Australia and America?

I recently read an international poll, that asked people around the globe if they had a choice, where they would live-and amazingly, 57% of those respondent did not pick the country they were in.

The old saying that the “Grass is greener on the other side” may apply, but really, look at Thailand and all the problems that makes it look more like a pig’s den, and yet so many still come to live and settle here.

So I went out and talked to some foreign friend who have settled in Thailand, to find out what is really going on, because I think there is more to economics.

Take my friend Peter, when I talk to him, he tells me of horrible things in the UK. Or my friend Steve from America who says America has too many regulations that regulates his freedom. Or my Australian friend, Mack, who says Australian girls are the worse globally.

Or take my Thai friend, Somkid, he says he is so sick of Thailand, he rather go and live in Iraq or Afghanistan. Then Ying, tells me she rather marry an Arab and live in the West Bank, rather dealing with Thai guys.

After doing some research, I have come to the conclusion that it is really not Thailand that they like, but it is just they can not stand living in their own country. The overall impression is that they are glad to leave their country and all its problems behind.

So they come to a country like Thailand, where the women, food and beer are cheap and they do not have to think of Thailand’s political problems, because it is not their country. Yes, many of them get interested, but very few will lose sleep over Thailand’s problems.

The reason I am writing all of this, is because all of it seems to indicate that some sort of tolerance limit have been met globally to be causing so many people to think like that-meaning totally escaping attachment to their broader society in which they live in.

There are both positives and negative to this trend of detachment. Obviously, it means a deterioration of good civic responsibilities-as more and more people drifts away from it all. Like Thailand becomes an oasis of life, when it is a poison well for most Thais.

But on the other side, as more people say “I don’t care anymore” they obviously re-focus on themselves. I found with many of these foreign friends on mine in Thailand, that they have a type of advancement associated with them.

It’s like they come from the future or something. Like they know of all the problems of Thailand and have their own opinion, but yet they are still detached from it all, and remain independent and not dragged into the flames.

What is really also interesting, is that many of these types of friends of mine, can not escaping saying if they can vote in Thailand, it will be this guy or that guy. Then when I asked them who they vote for back home, they say they do not vote back home anymore. What I am trying to get here, is that it seems something odd and strange is occurring to the concept of Democracy.

Like while they carry this and that passport, they in fact are citizens of no country at all.

Perhaps all of this a the root of a future global government or perhaps it is the demise of democracy itself.

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