Politics: As the Yellow Shirt Losses Support, What Next?

Stage a coup, and we will try out best to destroy you

By Frank, this blog political journalist

According to sources, the Yellow Shirt is in trouble, as increasingly large numbers of key supporters are drifting away to join Taksin. However, in the meantime, those that remain, many who are highly influential figures, are starting to lay down the rationale for the next “Coup of the Rich” as Jai Ungpakorn would call it.

It started with some key academics from Chulalongkorn University who went on the Yellow Shirt stage to blast away at Taksin, who have all but joined Taksin. Then it graduated to some highly social influential guys, like high-society people and those in the entertainment industry, abandoning the Yellow Shirt and are now active in Red Shirt clubs.

Then it went to some key politicians and influential figures, that left the Yellow Shirt and joined Taksin.

Then it went to many, just another Thai person, who used to support the Yellow Shirt, starting to wear “White” and calls themselves the neural Thais. Then many more, of these typical Yellow Shirt, have now gone “Orange” or the ” 2 don’t want crowd” who rejects both Yellow Shirt and the Red Shirt.

But as all of this is going on, Thai E-News’s parallel story with this article, says some key leaders of the upper-crust Thais, like the Prapath Vasee guy, are starting to lay down the rationale for a new coup of the rich.

Prapath says it pretty graphically, that there will be violence on the streets pretty soon, and that Thailand will drift into a state of total chaos. That chaos, will lay the foundation for the military to step in with a “Coup” to restore law and order.

We just want to add a small background, that Prapath has a burgeoning new school going and originally, the school was being used to experiment with new cutting edge educational theory that have been trying to get its students to think outside of the box and be like cutting edge creative. The school is very popular with those in the upper crust Thais, because it combines cutting edge theories with traditional Thai cultural concepts.

But judging from Prapath latest action to lay-down the foundation for a social acceptance of another coup of the rich, it appears that the school experimental has failed-and has drifted back to the Yellow Shirt rationales.

Remember, the Yellow Shirt, basically, says the poor are too under-educated to vote. Judging by Prapath, looks like even with a cutting edge school in his hand, it is in fact the rich that are “Too stupidly educated to vote.”

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